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“I always said I’d never do this but here goes… Dec 2016 to now. 2016 my weight went from 115 to 140, and then back down and back up. I was yo-yo dieting, inconsistent with my exercise, and only counting calories. Crash dieting and heavy cardio, repeating the cycle over and over, and wondering why “nothing was working” for me.

Fast forward to today. Thanks to JC‘s guidance, I’m lifting heavy, counting macros, and while I have my cheat days, I get my ass to the gym every single week. I don’t even step on the scale anymore. I really don’t care what it says, and neither does JC. I’m happy, healthy and strong af. I enjoy going to the gym now bc I’m not obsessing about being skinny and doing insane amounts of cardio. I actually don’t do any cardio.

It’s not easy. It’s the opposite of easy. It’s sacrificing every day and every weekend. It’s never skipping a Monday, meal prepping every week, going to bed early, and being CONSISTENT.”

Online Coaching Client

“The coaching experience with JC has been invaluable. When I started with him I was expecting to just focus on training and nutrition but his coaching goes above and beyond that. His approach to mindset was truly life changing. He helped me hit my previous aesthetic goals as well as motivate me towards new ones.

Best of all I’ve learned so much about myself during the process that I feel confident and equipped to continue training and developing well into the future. There are no gimmicks with his coaching style. He is just pure, simple real life health and wellness. I would 100% recommend his coaching or programs.”

Jen S.
Online Coaching Client

“I started weight lifting two years ago and a few months in, I knew ‘I needed some guidance’. I reached out to JC Deen and I’m so glad I did! Not only did he provide me with quality programming and nutritional advice, I truly felt like he cared about my progress.

He responded to all of my questions and videos promptly and gave me the support I needed during my first bulk.

I would have bailed on my program a few weeks in without him!”

Throughout this process, I’ve hit several PR’s, 225-pound trap bar deadlift, 250-pound barbell hip thrust, and body weight chin-ups and pull-ups. But the best part has been cultivating confidence in my physique and performance, not to mention getting to know JC, who is a pretty awesome guy.”

Kate Gates
Online Coaching Client

fat loss vs weight loss

“Before contacting JC I was bored with dieting, confused with all the information I had read during months… Then after having decided to move to the next level, I contacted JC with a specific goal in mind: getting ripped.​

All my questions were answered quickly and in the end, I learnt that focusing on details such as meal timing, or being too rigid with protocols such as intermittent fasting was useless.”

Online Coaching Client

fat loss

“This experience [coaching] has truly changed my life and I am grateful to JC for all his patience and guidance he has shown and given me over the last few months. 

I hope I can spread the word of his work to others and that his popularity grows rapidly, because people do not know what they have been missing.”

Chris Brown
Online Coaching Client

“At first, I’d questioned some of the movements; they seemed deceptively easy, but I quickly learned that I get out what I put in (short rest times, pushing myself regardless of how tough it is, learning to feel how intense high intensity is, etc.). Perhaps it wasn’t until the 2nd training style with the body part isolation, bodybuilder-type style that I learned I needn’t lift heavy-ass weights all the time to feel like I’m making progress.”

Stephanie Lee
Online Coaching Client

“I suffered from a curse JC calls The Former Fat Boy Syndrome. It basically means that a FFB is afraid to eat the amount of food needed to gain muscle in fear of getting fat again.

I bought LGN365, plugged in my numbers in the excel sheets, picked a training program and went to work. And the results speak for themselves. The reason it finally worked for me was that I let the guide be in charge instead of me. I handed over the responsibility, knowing and trusting that JC had done it right. I knew how to do the heavy lifting in the gym, now I just had to follow the nutritional guidelines and training program and things would be fine.”

Hampus Hertzberg
LGN365 Customer

“Before working with JC, I got all my information through articles, Internet forums, and magazines.

While this helped somewhat, it often gave me conflicting ideas that left me confused and frustrated. JC not only taught me great programs that helped me make more progress than I ever had before, but he also presented them in a way that did not require extreme lifestyle changes or obsessive behavior.

The lessons I learned through JC will be ones I will use for the rest of my lifting days, and am extremely grateful to him for showing me the way.”

Online Coaching Client

“Working with JC has not only been great for both my training and nutrition. I no longer obsess about shit that doesn’t matter whether it’s a diet trend or some new workout. Now I feel much more sane and I’m able to focus more on things I love doing like maxing out on my deadlift and celebrating with a box of Cheerios.

Thank you, JC.”

Philipe Rodrigues
Online Coaching Client

“Being pretty thin my entire life, I never felt the need to pick up a weight. Of course, my mid-twenties happened and it seemed as if out of nowhere my clothes started to become too tight! I had no clue about fitness, weight loss, fat loss, none of that.

I did my best to research and ended up on the low cal, low carb, clean eating cardio train. I hit a wall and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

Tired of the BS I just happened to google “Clean Eating is a Scam”. JC’s article on the subject was the first that was listed in the search. That article seriously changed everything I thought I knew or understood about fat loss and sanity through dieting.

Under his guidance I was able to lean out with fundamentals that I didn’t think would work for me and my body type. No cardio and proper nutrition with my sanity in check! Couldn’t have had a better experience!”

Nicole C.
Online Coaching Client

“It was this time (August 2012), two years ago when I took a chance. I sent an email to JC, not even expecting a reply but hoping I would get one. What happened shocked me. I remember it like it was yesterday, JC gave his number and told me to call him…we talked for over an hour.

We talked about depression; anxiety, hormones, life, relationships and of course diet and training. He set me up with a training plan, and laid me out a step by step diet plan full of essential nutrients to help me recover, and feel better from all the under-eating and overtraining I’d put myself through.

I came to JC at 140 pounds, sick, depressed and lost, and he took me under his wing—like a true big brother and guided me every step of the way. He opened my eyes to a whole new life and way of living.

I take this picture today, two years later (August 2014), 25 pounds heavier and leaner than I was before. My diet is 50% carbs, mostly reaching upward of 300 grams per day as opposed to under 50 grams per day like I was doing in 2012.

I just wanted you to see this picture and know that JC’s work and love and devotion brought me out of hell and changed my life.”

Jimmy Meade
Online Coaching Client

“Through JC’s guidance, I slowly began to grow a better relationship with food and fitness. Dieting wasn’t an obligation. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a diet. It’s a lifestyle now. As long as my pizzas fit into my macros, I enjoy it. Key word: GUILT-FREE.

His program helped me shed off the last few lbs. that I’ve been plateaued on for the longest time. Eating less carbs on days I don’t work out and carbs on days I do work out made so much sense. Reading it just made me realized how ignorant I was.

All this time, I have just been doing low-carb all the time. My workouts and just my days were so groggy. By the end of each day, I was worn out. I’ve been doing all of this hard work, when it could’ve been done quickly and efficiently.

JC has helped me reach my goal faster within 5 months than I reached it myself in a span of 5 years. He’s made fitness more fun, and my relationship with food a lot better. You’ve made me look at life in a more simplistic and practical way.”

Andrew Kim
LGN365 Customer

“I’ve previously struggled with fat loss programs in the past, by week 3 I’ve lost plenty of strength , lost muscle mass and feel like garbage.

Using LGN365 I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds in 8 weeks, increase or maintain all of my PRs and feel great doing it.

If you can only pick one training manual for for a life time make it this one. You will not be disappointed.”

Michael C.
LGN365 Customer

“After years of spinning my wheels following different food plans, and different training protocols I plateaued around 13% BF.

I reached out to JC 6 weeks before a family holiday wanting to drop to 10% bf and maintain lbm.

He broke down exactly what I needed to do in simple steps to hit my goals and even gave me an adjusted training plan whilst on my all inclusive cruise to maximize the increased booze n food cals and deload.

I achieved my goal of 10% BF and it was solely down to JC.

I can’t recommend him enough, I’ve followed his blog for years and his no fluff, no bullshit approach is a breathe of fresh air in this messed up industry.

His website is full of no nonsense info to setup you up for success but if you want a personal approach to achieve your goals hit him up for a one to one you won’t be disappointed.”

Stu J.
LGN365 Customer

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“I can’t remember how I came across JCD’s webpage, but I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of him earlier. I downloaded his free manual, Look Great Naked, and was pleased with the clean and crisp information inside. It was reason enough for me to bookmark his website and do the usual social media stalking.

After a few months of reading his content, he became one of those people I referenced to others that spouted broscience. JCD puts out great information, there’s no denying it. But what captivated me most wasn’t anything that can be found on his website. It was him, as a person. Let me tell you how.

The internet is a funny place. It’s easy for people to push products and worry about the flow of dollar bills on their PayPal account. But JCD is the opposite. He’s one of those special guys that care about how many lives, not wallets, he touches.

You see, I run my own blog. I was contemplating a total website redesign, and it just so happened that JCD was tweeting about one of his newest design projects. I was hesitant to contact him, because I dealt with bigger companies before and I was dissatisfied with the process. But I went ahead and shot him a tweet.

JCD replied quickly. This alone is amazing considering most people rarely @ reply to ‘nobodies.’ Shortly after, we began a lengthy e-mail conversation. As I said, my previous dealing with bigger companies always left a sour taste in my mouth. It was too robotic. But with JCD, it was different. I can confirm this by telling you that not many companies will tolerate an e-mail exchange consisting of thirty-six replies before accepting any form of payment. He spent a lot of time just talking to me to see what I wanted, and I can’t thank him enough for it.

The process was concluding and we agreed on a payment amount. Things were looking good, and I was happy to be doing business with someone like JCD as opposed to a bigger company. We were down to the last details – one e-mail away from collaborating. But that week, I received a letter in the mail from my school notifying me that I had been furloughed. A few days later, I feared that I re-broke my foot during an Ultimate Frisbee game. I was hesitant to e-mail JCD because I had been so close to promising him my business. I was afraid to tell him that I no longer wanted to go through with the website redesign considering my upcoming financial situation and personal struggles.

He e-mailed me a few days later to check in since I hadn’t gotten back to him. I knew I had to face it eventually, so I wrote him an apology letter. I knew that backing down after being so close to a deal would be a killer, and that he would probably hate me. After all, I basically waved a paycheck in his face and retracted it right as he was going to take it from my hand.

I was sad when I sent the e-mail because I knew I had just befriended one of the most quality guys in the fitness industry. But I’ll never forget JCD’s reply. He wasn’t mad. He wasn’t disrespectful. He had no harsh words for me. Instead, he thanked me. If that wasn’t enough, he offered to help me get some free themes for my website. And he followed that by saying this: ‘…let me know if you need something (even someone to whine to).’

Here’s a guy that just got screwed out of a paycheck, willing to not only keep contact with me, but also talk with me if I was having trouble dealing with the current stressors in my life.

But after you read JCD’s Story, it makes sense. He knows what rough patches are like. Instead of treating me like a customer, he treated me like a person. No, I take that back.

He treated me like a friend.

JCD is one of the top providers of no bull shit fitness information. But after you go through something like this, you realize that sometimes it’s more than creating good blog posts. It’s about appreciating your following and treating them with the highest respect. That’s something that JCD surely does, and is reason enough for me to admire him.

What more could you want?”

Anthony Mychal
Personal Trainer/Writer

“About two years ago I stumbled upon JC’s article on ‘Former Fat Boy Syndrome’ and was hooked on the raw, no-BS information I was reading. JC’s articles on caloric deficit/surplus introduced me to some of the most vital, yet basic weight-lifting information that I was never made aware of through prior training and reading.

The best part about JC’s information is that there is no product being pitched, and there is never a strict regiment required in order to obtain certain results. From reading all of this free information, I was able to construct my own diet solely based on hitting a caloric deficit to lose weight. When I first started reading and participating in JC’s articles I weighed 215 pounds at age 18, standing 5’10″ tall.

A little while later I had reached 195 pounds solely on a caloric deficit diet. Add high-intesity training to the mix and I stood 170 pounds, and the leanest I had ever been. Now transitioning into becoming stronger I began JC’s beginners strength program and in two months I have doubled the weight on every lift, and sit again at 195 pounds, but with a completely different physical appearance and aesthetic. I am so grateful for the energy and time that JC has put into his website and articles, this was too easy!”

Aaron Powers
Coaching Client

“Before I stumbled onto his webpage I was stuck in the rut of eating 6 ‘clean’ meals a day. This meant meals consisting of grilled chicken and broccoli. ‘Junk-food’ was completely out of the question, and I even remember abstaining from having a piece of my mom’s birthday cake because it was ‘bad for me’. Eventually things got to the point where I was eating only hard-boiled egg whites as my meal because it was the only way I could be sure that the food I was eating was ‘clean’. Needless to say this was not the way a freshman in college should live, and my social life was definitely suffering from it.

Along with my OCD eating I was also convinced that the only way to gain muscle and look good nekhid was to be in the gym literally every day, lifting weights 5-7 days a week and cardio at least three times a week. I would constantly miss classes in favor of making sure that I got my “arms and abs” workout in.

Basically fitness and nutrition had started to control my life, and my OCD tendencies were really starting to take a toll on me and my social life. I knew there had to be an easier and healthier (both mentally and physically) way of living while still maintaining my physique.


I actually stumbled onto JC’s site around late January through a random link on (yea I was a hardcore bro). What I first read was his guide to looking great naked, a free PDF that he supplied a link for at the top of his webpage (with a title like that how could I resist?). The guide was awesome since it explained how he actually went through a very similar stage in his life, but is now living in a much more flexible and easy-going fashion where his fitness and nutrition actually ENHANCES his life rather than controlling it.

So I began reading all of his top articles including his FFB article; all of the helpful articles on training routines that actually work; and, my personal favorite, all of his “clean-eating is a scam” articles. Although, I now knew that this lifestyle was attainable and easy to stick to, I felt I needed some help to actually begin breaking myself of my OCD tendencies.

On his site he had his information to contact him for personal consultation. I figured ‘He’ll probably never answer this, but what the hell,’ and sent him an email assuming that would be the end of it. Man was I wrong about that. Within the week JC not only e-mailed me back, but asked if it would be ok to call me and discuss my situation. I was honestly nervous to do so, but I agreed and in a couple days JC gave me a call and helped to set me straight. With his guidance I slowly broke free of my clean-eating habits and ridiculous work-out schedule and I haven’t looked back since.

That’s why I really can’t explain how glad I am that I found Thanks to JC and his articles I went from counting egg whites and hitting the gym every single day, to enjoying drinks with my friends on the weekend, visiting the gym 3-4 times a week at the most, and actually ENJOYING life. Plus, I’ve never looked or felt better.”

Sean Tomaszewski
JCDFitness Reader
“JC is great at helping you identify your points of resistance, and building a routine to consistently work through them. He’s responsive and helpful without being intrusive or aggressive and hits the sweet spot from an accountability standpoint. I’m very pleased with our work together and have developed a set of habits that help me consistently stay on track. I would highly recommend working with him.”
Scott P.
Coaching Client
“I’m from South Africa. Just want to say I’ve been following your website for about a year now, and can honestly say that I got my best results from following your advise(prior to this website I’ve been following your typical fitness magazine workouts 5-6 day splits) , at the moment I’m aiming to lose some body fat and get lean, so I’m following a simple 3-4 day upper/lower split (which I got from this site) and for diet I’m eating in a slight deficit taking the intermittent fasting approach and it’s working like a charm, fat is coming of really easy, and all this by keeping it simple…thanks for a great website!!!”
Willem de Bruyn
JCDFitness Reader
“JCDFitness is truly a great resource for people of all fitness levels. He breaks things down in a very digestible way and explains complex ideas by relating them to practical application while finding a way to mix in some humor. His No-BS Approach to Looking Great Naked is a breath of fresh air from information offered in mainstream magazines. His writings are based on scientific evidence, and what works for the vast majority of normal people. You won’t find him talking about the newest pre-workout drink or the one exercise that needs to be in everyone’s workout routine. He approaches each issue with an unbiased opinion and looks at each side of the argument before reaching a conclusion. What truly sets him apart from the competition is his true passion for the JCDFitness community. Not many sites have email addresses available to ask the author specific questions to be answered individually. A question I had was answered in less than 24 hours. Thanks to JCDFitness for being a reliable and enjoyable source for health and fitness information.”
Henry Zale
Personal Trainer
“I love your site, I’d been reading, T-Nation, and WannaBeBig for about a year and a half before I stumbled across JCDfitness. You really opened my eyes to what T-Nation was all about, plus helped me see what the proper relationship to fitness really is – a goal, not an obsession.”
Bobo Bose-Kolanu
Personal Trainer/Writer
“The problem with the fitness industry is it’s assumed we all live in a gym in a world with no such thing as fast food. JC gives advice that people can actually stick with consistently, whether it be how to train for muscle gain or debunking the myths of clean eating. His blog truly is a no-BS guide on how to look good naked. JC helped us from day one, always there with advice and help when needed, a great guy to know, thanks again.”
Propane Fitness Editors
JCDFitness Reader
“Working with JC was an incredible experience! He really helped me to get in the habit of tracking progress in the gym and with nutrition. I learned how to keep my training simple but effective and progress properly with weight training. He also helped me to overcome my fear of eating too many carbs! I had been struggling with hormonal imbalances and constant stress. Strength training has benefited my body and mind so much and sticking to one training program for a set period of time rather than constantly changing things up has helped me to finally be consistent and focused! Feeling confident, healthy, and balanced! One of my favorite things about JC’s personality is how open-minded and non-judgemental he is…this really helped me a lot!!! I would recommend him to anyone for coaching!”
Valerie J.
Coaching Client
"Some years ago I was drifting in the fitness world from different popular websites and some fitness magazines. Consequently I was doubting everything I was doing from training to nutrition. I would often emphasize and overanalyze the small details and technicalities such as changing routines and trying everything I read and heard. And one day I found an article online about an ebook: Look Great Naked from JC Deen. So I read what I could found about the book and this author JC. That was the first major change in my fitness life as I discover that I knew so little about lifting and eating, in general, but especially above that I did not have the proper mindset about my fitness journey. So I took the dive and he was the first coach I hired. The experience was amazing as I learned more about the basics such as proper form, training methodology, planned progression, consistency but the most important to me was work ethic: there was no shortcut to be a better version of myself except working hard under JC's guidance. I learned more in 1 year with JC than all those years alone. I'm glad to be part of the amazing community he built around his teaching and his vision of fitness."
Roman B.
Coaching Client
“Anyone who’s been bamboozled by the myriad of conflicting fitness and nutrition information or is struggling to attain their fitness goals should read this blog. JC dispels all the myths and factoids about in the fitness industry and sifts out the few, surprisingly simple methods that really work. There aren’t 53 steps to a six-pack, but getting a Superhero-worthy body isn’t a piece of cake, either. Never again will I feel guilty when I drink my favorite Frappuccino or eat anything other than steamed chicken breast and broccoli. JC has taught me invaluable lessons about diet and fitness that allow me to construct simple yet effective and enjoyable training templates and diet protocols that fit seamlessly into my lifestyle, not the other way around.”
Clement You
JCDFitness Reader
“JC is one of the most innovative and effective individuals in the training and nutrition industry. He consistently provides easy-to-use and insightful information while captivating his readers with his hilarious and informative writing style. If you’re looking for a quality, no-BS approach to looking great naked, you need look no further.”
Jordan Syatt
Personal Trainer/Writer

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