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I help two types of people…


Professional, working men who don’t have 2 hours per day to work out, but want the strong, lean, athletic look.

Women who want an athletic, feminine figure, without looking like a competitive bodybuilder.

Getting into the best shape of your life comes down to a simple formula. And if you follow it, you’re guaranteed to get the body you want.

The programs Just Work. 🧨

“Well, I can’t say enough wonderful things about JC! I came to him a year ago when I decided to stop the yo-yo dieting, killer cardio sessions, and binge eating. Although I wasn’t overweight, I definitely had some past food and body issues. The program was such an eye-opening experience because I honestly stopped stressing about training and dieting. I actually had to stop doing so much cardio and focus on the training. It was great to see how strong I was getting and how I didn’t need to do so much… I truly learned that less is more! Thank you JC!”

“I can’t speak highly enough of JC. He’s made fitness simple and fun for me, and still gets me the best results I’ve ever had.”

“I feel most programs in the fitness industry now days are tailored around false information and marketing gimmicks, and JC did an excellent job of weeding out all of the useless information and providing an excellent program to get an individual into amazing shape with tons of information to save you time and answer important questions related to diet and training.”

“What I like about JC’s programming is his recognition that physique development has a great deal to do with mind training, habit forming, and emotions — not just the nuts and bolts of providing a training and nutrition schedule to comply with. I can definitely say that JC’s programs and advice have formed part of my recovery process!”

“The HOT BOD program was easy to follow, fun to do, and helped me get into great shape! Through the exercise programs, as well as the mindset and momentum guide, the HOT BOD program helped me build new habits and helped me understand why the habits you create are a lot more important than the end goal. I now really enjoy my time at the gym and can’t imagine not exercising. I would recommend HOTBOD to anyone looking to get stronger and healthier.”

“I found RPT, to be a really efficient way to get in more volume while still making strength gains with a certain rep bracket. The way that you lucidly described the necessity of connecting with a powerful psychological motivator for training through honest self-reflection was a valuable meta-cognitive strategy that I was able to tap into every training session.”

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It’s time you got the results you want…

Getting into the best shape of your life comes down to a simple formula. And if you follow it, you’re guaranteed to be lean, muscular, and strong.