Learn How To Get Lean &
Build Your Best Body Ever
In The Next 8 Weeks (And Beyond)
No More Failed Attempts. No More Giving Up.
No More Feeling “Stuck” And “Unsure” Of Yourself.
Let’s Make Your Fat Loss Efforts More
Effective Than Ever Before
Losing body fat can seem like an impossible task, but I assure you it’s not. In fact, the process is much simpler than you might think, and everything you need to succeed is between your ears (your brain).

Your best body can be had if you simply understand a few key principles, and I’m going to share them with you today. All here on this page.

Lots of people set goals to get into better shape, build muscle and lose body fat, but most fail miserably. And I hate it.
If you’ve been there, if you’ve tried and failed over and over, I feel for you.

But it’s not completely your fault. I mean, sure, you’re responsible for yourself, and it’s you who actually has to do the work, but what if you’ve gone about all of this training and diet stuff in the wrong manner?

What if some rules and guidelines simply don’t sit well with you?

For instance, what if you don’t have time to eat 6 meals a day, but every online article said it’s a must if you want to lose fat? It sets you up to fail pretty quickly because every day you don’t fit in those 6 meals, you feel like a failure.

Or what if a certain trainer told you that training 3 days per week wasn’t enough?

If you can’t commit to 5 days per week and multiple cardio sessions, you’d never reach your goals?

It’s hard to feel good about what you’re doing when you feel doomed from the beginning.

I want to help you understand that it’s not necessarily the training program or diet guidelines that are failing you. It’s much more than that. But before we get there, have you ever asked yourself this question?
I’ve caught myself asking that a lot. And if you’re anything like me, I bet you’ve read everything on the internet, all the diet books and fitness magazines trying to figure it out.

You’ve looked at all your favorite fitness people’s facebook pages trying to get the tips and tricks.

And finally, when you think you have the answers, it just gets more confusing.

Look, I want to let you in on a little secret. Most people are not going to tell you this, but I want to be fully transparent and get this out of the way.

There are no special training programs or magical diets that will give you the fat loss breakthrough you’re searching for.

I’ve helped people get lean and strong on low volume strength-focused programs and high volume programs.

I’ve seen people get lean on very high carb diets and very low carb diets. And while I have my beliefs and preferences about what’s best for good health, I know one thing for certain.

Training and diet are only a portion of the reason why some people succeed.

Of course, you have to train intelligently, and eat in a way that fuels your body, supplies enough protein, and helps you recover.

You have to get enough rest each night and take care of yourself.

There’s no denying that.

But what’s more important than any particular program or diet plan is how you see yourself and whether or not you believe you can succeed with your body transformation goals.

I will go over this in detail soon, but I want to help you come to grips with something right here, right now.
It's Easy To Get Caught Up In All The Instagram Images,
Movie Star Transformations, And Fitness
Models On The Magazine Covers
Most of what you see is not true reality. Social media and magazines are only a small highlight of real life.

For the most part, you’re being lied to when it comes to what you see in the media.

The superheroes you see on the big screen are not of this world.

Most of the magazine covers and Instagram images are full of flattering filters and heavy edits. There’s even entire accounts set up to expose the photoshopping and airbrushing going on.

But us humans are visual creatures, and what we see creates an expectation.

Many times, that expectation is entirely unrealistic as to what can happen for you in the real world.
“Wait a minute… is JC actually telling me I can’t build an amazing body that turns heads and makes me proud?”
No, not at all. In fact, I’m telling you the opposite:

YOU CAN. And I’m giving you permission to.

What you must know is that you are you, not that phony Instagram ‘model’ posting selfies every hour.

But when you see these images as the ‘Gold Standard,’ it WILL create unnecessary feelings of inferiority and this actually works against you, but it’s so under the radar, and deep within your subconscious mind that you don’t even realize it.

You begin looking at someone’s body and cement a false belief in your brain. A belief that if you don’t achieve their level of muscle size and ripped abs, then you’re less-than-ideal. I’ll let you know this idea is completely false, and is complete BS!

And if you maintain that type of self-defeating mindset, you’ll never create the body you want because you’re actually working against yourself.

Building your body is a vain pursuit, but it goes way beyond the vanity when you approach it with the right mindset.
“"So, what's the solution?"
I'm Going To Show You The Exact Process To Getting The Body You Want
Without Expensive Supplements, Unrealistic
Training Programs, or Restrictive Diet Plans
There are 3 variables and I know you’re familiar with them. In my 4D Fat Loss Program, we cover them as the following:
Dimension 1: Resistance Training — The King of forging a chiseled body from the ashes. Training is what makes your body take shape. Your body’s adaptations and changes are a result of you forcing it to grow through intelligent training protocols.
Dimension 2: Nutrient Manipulation — The Queen of crafting the body you want... the ability to create or destroy depending on how much you eat, or don't eat.
Dimension 3: Rest and Recovery — The Sacred Marriage that allows your training and nutrition efforts to fully express themselves through more muscle, less fat, and improved aesthetics.
Those are the easy dimensions to understand for most people, and most (good) training and diet programs have all of these written out and ready for you to use… But I’d like to discuss something a step further, in Dimension 4, which I call my DMA System.
Impossible To Fail: DMA Positive Feedback Loop System
The All-Encompassing ‘Glue’ Of Aesthetic Mastery.
This is a three-pronged system that WILL NOT fail you when you’re building your body. Ever.

Before I explain what ‘DMA’ means, let’s talk positive feedback loops, why they matter, and why you might be stuck in a negative feedback loop.

A positive feedback loop is circular, as you might have guessed by the name, and it’s a process where the reward outweighs the pain of a particular change you’re trying to implement.

When you’re trying to lose body fat, you’ll experience some friction.

Working out can be hard. The act of training is painful as you push yourself in the gym.

Eating less food, and making better choices isn’t as fun as chowing down on a greasy burger or pizza every other evening.

But the rewards of training hard and managing your diet bring greater rewards—a lean, muscular body built through discipline and focused mental effort.

As you push yourself each week, you see gradual changes in the mirror. You like that you’re getting leaner.

You love it when you get better with your workouts, adding weight to the bar, and improving your conditioning.

So you continue to push through the discomfort to get the reward, which is a better body, continued progress, and more confidence.

This is your positive feedback loop. The exchange for your hard work (positive reward) is worth the pains you deal with during the process.
But what if this isn’t what you’re experiencing?
If you’ve struggled for a long time to get into shape or to change your body and maintain it, you’ve probably experienced the struggle of being in a negative feedback loop, which is the exact opposite of what I described above.

You go to the gym. You eat better. But don’t make that much progress.

It begins to feel like all the hard work will never pay off and you’re doomed to being forever dissatisfied with your efforts to get into better shape.

You already know what happens when you see a little bit of success. Your mini-victories inspire you. They give you the confidence and motivation to keep going.

But when you don’t get the results, things get ugly. Instead of looking to solve the problem, you turn inward and judge yourself harshly.

Your brain begins to tell you all these bad things… such as:
“Of course you didn’t hit your weight loss goal. You’re a fatty!”

“Look at you. You just pretend to try. Deep down, you know you’re just faking this.”

“Why do you even bother at all? It’s obviously useless.”

“You’re never going to be in good shape. You better just give up.”
When something goes wrong, we are quick to judge ourselves.

The things we say to ourselves are oftentimes so harsh, we’d not dare to ever say them to someone we care about—let alone a complete stranger.

But we say these awful things to ourselves.

And when we do this enough... the negativity just circles back around, and the cycle continues.

You’re stuck in the negative feedback loop and it seems impossible to pull yourself out. I know this because I’ve been there, too.

And when you’re stuck in a negative feedback loop, it’s easy to think it’ll never get better. Pushing yourself to make progress becomes harder and harder.
How do you change?
You take calculated actions toward your unique and specific goals on a daily basis and the body will follow your lead by getting leaner and more muscular. This is where my DMA System shines.
Remember, My DMA System is the 4th dimension of the 4D Fat Loss Protocol.

It’s made up of 3 parts:

   1. Discipline

   2. Mindset

   3. Accountability

Here’s what these are specifically.
Discipline: The Secret To An Ultra Fit Body
What does every lean, muscular body have in common? Lots of hard training, nutritious eating, proper sleep and recovery, and the father of all progress: TIME.

This concept of discipline is easy to understand, but it’s the day to day processes we all get wrapped up in.

Having discipline means being able to make the right decisions on a daily basis to create the body you want for yourself, regardless of how you might feel in the moment.

I like to use identity-based goal setting to get an idea of what needs to happen to reach your desired outcome.

Take someone who has a lean, muscular body right now. What do they do on a daily basis? How could you emulate them?

Success leaves clues, and making the decisions on a daily basis to train hard, eat well, and get to bed early are all pieces of the puzzle that will help you create a similar outcome.

Talking about it is easier than doing it, though.

But there’s a problem with just having discipline.

It’s hard to stay disciplined when life gets busy. Some people can be disciplined for short periods of time, but being disciplined for weeks, months, or years is where things get really difficult.

I want to make one thing clear…

Long-term discipline is not abstaining from sugar forever, or never missing a gym session. Those ideas are faulty and short-term focused. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’ve likely never struggled with their training and diet.

True discipline is built on the backbone of your values, and what you value will determine the goals you set for yourself.

Your goals will require a standard of daily actions. Those actions must be automatic and in line with your values.

When those actions (you know… things like committing to the 3-4 training sessions per week, planning out your meals, hitting your macros, getting to bed on time) become automatic, they become solidified as daily habits.

Good habits are what will make or break your success.

But you can’t get by on staunch discipline alone. Most people will eventually crack when trying to rely on willpower.

It has to go much deeper and it all starts between your ears.
Mindset — How Stanford Psychology Research Reveals Your Inner Superhero
The belief that you can’t improve will stunt your ability to achieve what you want.
Most self-help books will tell you “mindset is everything.”

But what they won’t tell you is how to actually use your mind to create the outcomes you want.

They just say things like "think positively" and "keep a gratitude journal" but their advice stops there.

It’s been said that our willpower is limited and that our brains become fatigued with decision-making, so we succumb to what’s comfortable, or easy—what's familiar.

It’s like trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

If you have to decide at the last minute, too many options will weigh you down. And if you’ve zapped your ability to make a judgement, it’s easy to order a pizza and say “to hell with it,” sabotaging your efforts in the process.

So it’s a clear case of your willpower and determination being limited, right?

Some research might say otherwise…

Your beliefs are dictated by what you’ve heard over and over again, even if the message is a lie.

This is what’s known as The Illusion Of Truth.

It’s a simple cognitive bias that tricks your brain into believing something because you’ve heard it multiple times.

But just because you “heard” something doesn’t mean someone said it to you, or that it was an ad or message you saw. It could simply be the voice inside your head giving you that message repeatedly until you believe it.

Kind of messed up huh?

This process is called self-talk and we all experience it.

Trust me — I’ve taken all the personality tests. My life experience proves it. I’m an introvert through and through. I know the little voice in my head all too well.

As soon as I wake up, the little voice is rambling on. It happens all day long. And when I lay down to sleep, the chatter doesn’t stop until I’m zonked out. Everywhere I go, there's a conversation going on inside myself.

And this used to plague me until I learned about something that completely changed how I dealt with these messages.

I was a complete sucker for all the hogwash that little voice spewed on a daily basis until I read about the power of a growth mindset over a fixed mindset.

To put it simply, those who have the belief they can change and improve over time actually do grow to change and improve themselves.

But those who believe their circumstances are fixed, don’t change or grow. They sit and rot in their mediocrity. They don’t aim for improvement because why try if you know you’ll fail? What’s the point?

The crazy thing is this… what you believe is actually what you get. Your belief dictates your outcomes.

I know this may sound a little nuts, but hear me out.

This ain’t some woo woo, believe-it-until-it-happens-with-no-action type of talk.

Of course, you have to put in the effort and work hard, but most people won’t put in the effort until they believe it’s a possibility.

Don’t believe you can change your body and improve your health?

Well, you probably won’t do much about your situation if that’s what you truly believe.

Mindset is all about the self-talk going on between your ears.

It’s a practice you can improve over time, which when done correctly as I’ve laid out for you in 4D Fat Loss, will push you to greater heights, more belief in yourself, and a bangin’ body as a result.

But this ain’t the end… There’s one more component to bring this full circle.
Accountability — The Maker And
Breaker Of The Future You
(You Know… The Lean, Muscular, And Stronger Version)

Accountability is often the missing ingredient in most training and diet programs.

And it’s quite simple really… Most programs, while not bad in their layout and structure, are written by incredibly self-motivated individuals who have rarely needed a push before.

So while some people are incredibly intrinsically (internal source) motivated, many are the opposite, which we call extrinsically motivated.

Here’s a quick definition of both terms:

Intrinsic Motivation: behavior driven by internal rewards — meaning you gain a personal fulfillment from inside yourself.

   An example of intrinsic motivation is someone wanting to lose fat    because they want to be more confident in their daily life and          feel proud about setting and reaching a goal. It just feels good to    make progress, and they do it without much need for external          motivation.

Extrinsic Motivation: behavior driven by external rewards — such as money, bragging rights, popularity, etc.

   An example of extrinsic motivation is when someone enters a          contest to see who can lose the most fat for prize money, or            bragging rights. Or someone who has a beach vacation coming    up and wants to look great in their bathing suit.

Most people have a mixture of both types of motivation, but regardless of where it comes from, acting on their goals is a different story.

This is where accountability becomes more important than you may have ever imagined.

There are two ways accountability can work for a person.

— Self-Imposed Accountability
— Externally-Imposed Accountability

Self-Imposed Accountability:

You can set deadlines for yourself or commit to routines and habits (forms of discipline) and keep yourself accountable by charting progress, keeping a calendar, and making sure you do the things you said you’d do every single day without fail.

The people that do the best with this type of accountability are those who are incredibly self-motivated (intrinsic) and who have a track record of discipline in other areas of life. They’re the people who can read a blog post or buy a book and succeed automatically.

Externally-Imposed Accountability:

This is where getting some extra help comes into play. It’s why people hire a trainer they have to see 3 times per week. It’s why people join group training classes at the gym. It’s why people hire me for online coaching because I have mandatory check-in periods and progress reports.

When there’s an external factor (whether it be money spent on coaching, or people relying on you to show up), it becomes harder to quit what you’ve started.

Regardless of the type of person you are, having accountability to reach your goals is CRUCIAL to you building the body you want.
"But What About Motivational Messages
I See All Over The Internet?"
Alright, so you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned much about motivation sources until now, and that’s for good reason.

There’s this term on the internet, and most social media outlets called FitSpo, which is short for fit-spiration (fitness inspiration, motivation, etc). I know you’ve seen them.

Here’s an example:
But here’s what most people actually see instead:
These images don’t really motivate most people. They tend to make them feel inferior, like their goals are out of reach.

Kind of the opposite of the intended effect but that’s the reality.

Even if you’re motivated briefly by these images, you’re more likely to become demotivated soon thereafter because motivation is a fleeting emotion. And most motivation we experience is fickle.
Here’s Why Relying Solely On Fabricated (Fake) Motivation Will Stop Your Progress Dead In Its Tracks
I’m sure you’re familiar with this so-called ‘motivation.’

It comes in spurts and rarely ever lasts. When you see those folks in your Instagram feed who are jacked and shredded, you get excited because YOU WANT TO BE LIKE THAT, so you sit down and look over that old training routine you bought 2 months ago but never followed through on.

You probably started out doing well, hitting the gym every other day following the routine, but it became mundane.

Or you got sore.

Or life got in the way.

Or you had to work late and missed a few sessions during the second week.

Whatever happened, you gave up. You quit. You threw in the towel and let inertia WIN once again.

Inertia is the resistance to change.

You want to change. It’s why you bought the program. It’s why you started going back to the gym again.

For some reason… you fell back into your old habits. You messed it up.

But it’s not because you’re bad, or stupid, or dumb, or unworthy of the results you want.

You messed up because you let the voices in your head get to you.

That small voice telling you it’s too hard or that you don’t have time but you’ll make it up later (notice: you can never make up gym sessions because you can’t get your time back).

You messed up because:

   — You relied on motivation to carry your effort and actions (this      never works)
   — You let inertia get the best of you (if you’re not okay with              experiencing a little discomfort, this needs to change, ASAP)

When you rely on motivation, you’re toast.

If everyone relied on being motivated to go to the gym, or eat better, or get to bed on time, NO ONE would be in great shape.

Everyone would be of average strength and aesthetics because not one single person feels motivated all the time.

But there’s a secret and I’ll spill the beans right now.


We don’t naturally feel motivated all the time.

You probably don’t feel motivated to go to work everyday but you know if you don’t, your boss will fire you.

If you get fired, you won’t earn any money. And if you don’t earn money, you can’t take care of yourself and your family.

You will all starve. You might even lose your house or car because you can’t make the payments.

As you can see, all of this is hanging over your head, and it’s what makes you continue to go to work day in and day out, regardless of feeling like it.

So what’s the difference here?

You’re used to working everyday because it’s ingrained into your routine. There’s an external force at work. It’s a habit. It’s natural. Over time, it becomes easier to get out of bed, get dressed and get to work.

You’ve built momentum. It would feel strangely odd to wake up and NOT have to go to work anymore. Think on that for a second.

Just like training regularly, you don’t need motivation. You need momentum. You need to create a streak of days, weeks, and months where you hit the gym regularly.

You need to consistently eat better, and pay attention to your nutrition.

The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and the more you have to lose if you give it all up.

It’s easy to quit in the beginning because you don’t have much to lose, but what if you train hard for the next 6 months, transform your body and change the way you feel about yourself inside and out?
Then You've Got A LOT To Lose!
But this isn’t about being scared of losing something. It’s about the power of momentum. Once you get the ball over the peak and it’s rolling down the mountain, it moves faster and faster.

As the ball picks up speed, it gains so much momentum and NOTHING will stop it.

But first, you must push that ball all the way up to the peak and build the consistency necessary to get it there.

And this is where the real motivational stuff happens — the more you do something, the more motivated you become to KEEP doing it. Sounds crazy, I know, but it works.
(My 4DFL DMA System Explained)
As you see above, we have Discipline, Mindset, and Accountability — the ultimate Positive Feedback Loop System required to build the body you want.

Without one flowing into the other, you cannot enter into the 4th dimension of this Fat Loss System.

Having the Discipline is only possible when you have the proper mindset (growth mentality) and the accountability system put into place.

Having the Mindset is possible if you believe you can get rid of the fat and reveal the muscular ‘you’ to the world only if you have the discipline to put in the work, and use the accountability systems that push you into momentum.

And finally, the Accountability systems won’t work if you don’t take the time to cultivate the proper mindset, and use discipline to make your training and diet efforts a daily practice.

Anyone can pick a training program to follow, and find a diet online to lose fat, but how will you ensure you succeed?

You don’t, because there’s no system in place to make you accountable and give you proper guidance.

Most people’s diet and training efforts revolve around their emotions and constant need for motivation, but that’s exactly why you’re failing.

Giving into your emotions and going off plan doesn’t help you create the body you want. It only delays the gratification you’ll have in the future.

Relying on short bursts of motivation has NEVER worked for anyone because motivation is fleeting.

It only comes in spurts. True motivation comes from building momentum.

So look. Maybe you’re 50 pounds (or more) overweight and want to make a drastic change NOW.

Or maybe you have that last 10 pounds to lose to reveal your ideal beach body.

Wherever you’re at, why not ensure you succeed this time around?

Most people struggle because they only have the first 3 Dimensions down:

                — Training | Nutrition | Rest and recovery —

But just knowing about these isn't going to get you into shape.

If you don’t have the framework in place to build the habits and create the process that will allow you to succeed in the long term, you'll just keep on struggling forever...

THE DMA System is a result of me going through the learning process myself and failing over and over again. It’s a result of me working with individuals and helping them overcome the same mistakes.

And now I give it to you.

In fact, in this system, I’ll help you understand the following:

  •  Why your current method of program-hopping, and training haphazardly is not helping your cause, probably making you regress, and wasting precious time in the process.
  •  The most effective ways to combine your training and diet strategies to burn more fat than you ever thought possible.
  •  A method of training that helps you get stronger, build more muscle, all the while torching belly fat.
  •  The best mindset exercises to ensure you stay on track and don’t fall for the self-talk that only sabotages your efforts.
  •  How to enjoy the foods you love, but still lose fat every single week.
  •  Why you don’t need to spend 6 days in the gym to reach your goal body, and how that approach might actually hinder your progress.
  •  Why the DMA System will serve you forever once you grasp the principles.
  •  How to make sure you’re progressing consistently, so you don’t spend weeks or months without noticing any changes. No one likes to stagnate.
  •  Why training intensity matters most (and why you’re probably not training as intensely as you think).
Let me introduce you to my methods…
How To Create The Body You’ve Always Wanted
Using JC's DMA System
With 4D Fat Loss, you get the following materials:
This is the ‘why’ behind my entire method. In it, I cover all the essentials of what must happen to make body transformation WORK for you. I leave no stone left unturned when it comes to fat loss nutrition and how to make it all work for your lifestyle. I cover all the nutritional factors and explain how to easily eat for fat loss and set yourself up for nutritional success.
In this guide, you’ll get access to the 3 training programs specifically built to take you through the entire process. Each program is 8 weeks in length and built to maximize your effort in the gym and maximize your fat loss outside of the gym. There are 3, and 4-day options, so you can customize it to your liking and schedule.
This is where you learn how to implement the Full DMA System that creates the positive feedback loops you need to succeed in the long term. Motivation is fleeting. We want to build Momentum through discipline, consistent action, and accountability.
I’ll share with you my tried and true strategies for planning out your meal schedule that will help simplify your life and automate your fat loss. You eat 3-5 times a day. Without a proper plan to manage your diet well, you'll never make the changes you want.
This is for you to use to get your macronutrient and dietary calculations without all the guesswork or hard math equations to follow. Just plug in your numbers and get to work.
A library of movement demos so you know exactly what to be doing in the gym. We also have a variety of exercise substitutions in the case you can't perform a movement or don't have access to certain pieces of equipment.
Fat Loss Guide
Get the entire fat loss program, macro calculator, the exercise demos, all 3 training programs, email support, and all my love.
Fast, Secure, Encrypted Checkout
Join A Community And Get The Results You Want
When you implement the 4D Fat Loss DMA System, not only will you work toward the best shape of your life, but you’ll learn how to maintain it.

You’ll be able to build upon your progress and continue building your body because of the principles you’ll learn to implement. (note: once you build the momentum, it’s incredibly hard to stop).

Before I go any further, let me quickly cover the three major problems that keep you from achieving your hard-body goals and their solutions…

Those problems are:
  • Unrealistic expectations
  •  Relying too much on motivation
  •  Giving up too easily
Having Unrealistic Expectations Is Not Entirely Your Fault...
But maintaining these unrealistic ideals will ruin your progress forever…

Losing fat to reveal all that carefully crafted muscle underneath doesn’t happen overnight. It’s quite the contrary — it happens over a period of time.

But the media might have you believe otherwise.

There are TONS of 30-day transformations, and plenty of before/after photos that lead you to believe massive transformations happen seemingly overnight.

There’s a problem, though…

You don’t know how many others did the same amount of work in that time frame and had everything but drastic results.

And you don’t know the success story’s personal history.

They could’ve been in great shape for many years, took 6 months off of training due to varying circumstances, and then did a fat loss challenge to get back into shape.

BOOM, you have a formerly fat, fluffy person who is now carved outta stone.

Ironically, the text above their before/after photo reads “what’s your excuse?” (which makes me wanna puke, by the way)

So if you’re setting your expectations based on a before/photo of someone with a lot of training/dieting experience, you’re bound to fail if you have much less experience.

This is why I teach you to only compete with yourself, and aim to get better and better over time. Set a standard of behaviors you wish to maintain, give me your best effort, and watch your progress unfold over time.
You Rely On False Motivation...
Most all motivation is short-lived. If you’re constantly waiting for the right program or the perfect diet to get started, you’ll only get started every once in awhile.

True motivation comes only from consistent action. And that consistent action must have the power of belief behind it. Otherwise, you’re bound to give into the daily ebb and flow of your emotions, as opposed to being disciplined and deliberate with your training and diet efforts.

False Motivation = waiting around to be inspired and it happens very infrequently. It’s also based on your current mood or state, and that can change multiple times throughout the day.

True Motivation = Building momentum based on what you really want, your own standards and values, and building the discipline it takes to keep putting in the work whether you feel like it or not.
You Give Up Before You Get The Proper Principles In Place...
Giving up too early is the downfall of many people trying to transform their body. When you don’t see results fast enough, you get discouraged.

And the more discouraged you are, the faster you’ll be inclined to throw in the towel.

And if you give up, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of. So how do you keep yourself from giving up on your fat loss goals?

You commit to the process using my 4DFL DMA system. You develop the discipline and mindset necessary to reach your goals, and you build accountability to keep you on track.
A Word Of Caution Before Going Any Further:
The 4DFL System will work for you if you implement the programs, strategies, and do the work as presented…

But it’s not for everyone. Let me tell you why.

I do not want you to spend your money thinking that just paying for a program alone will solve your problems.

The sad truth is it won’t in and of itself.

Along with a financial investment, there’s an investment of your time, effort, and mental resources.

This is not a singular program and basic diet advice where you're left all alone to figure it out.

This is an 8-week course where you get guidance on both the diet and training through the 4DFL materials, and you get the accountability through our Private Facebook Group.

If you can’t commit to at least 3 training sessions per week and aren’t committed to making gradual changes to your lifestyle over time and pushing yourself both physically and mentally, this is not for you.

I’m sorry to say it but if a silver bullet solution is what you’re seeking, just keep looking.

I don’t want to disappoint you.

Silver Bullet Solutions are all over the internet, but I promise you this. A silver bullet doesn’t exist.

If you are looking for an easy way out, this is not a good fit.

If you are afraid of a little discomfort, this is not a good fit.

If you plan on buying this and letting it rot on your hard drive, save yourself the time and save me the heartache.

I will take it personally, and you’ll put me in a bad mood, which will take away from all the good energy and attention I want to give to those taking the course.

I don’t like to have this talk.

I’m just being honest. I only want the best for you.

Even if the methods I’ve laid might appear to be incredibly simple in practice, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

Change is hard. It requires you stepping out of your comfort zone and putting in the effort.

If you want it bad enough, I know you can make the changes you want, and I’ll be here to help you the entire time.
Think of it like this…

If you were to hire a personal trainer at $100/session, 3 times per week, that’d be an investment of $1,200 per month.

Over a year, that’d be $15,600 dollars spent.

If you’re familiar with weight training, which I know you are since you’re reading this, then that option might not make much sense.

But even then, is your trainer going to have the time to give you homework that will help you master the principles of self-talk, and discipline, and commitment that will see you through the long-term?

Most likely not.

If you’re the person who wants to dive deep, and really dig into the DMA principles on a weekly basis for the next 8 weeks, then I want you on the inside.

And if you thrive on continued accountability, having others to share progress with, and getting feedback from myself in a group each and every week, then this is a good fit for you..

I want you to succeed at all costs. We believe 4DFL is one of the best programs ever created. You’ll be impressed with the level of detail we’ve put together and you’ll know how to get through each step thoroughly.

We’re about getting results, as long as it’s in line with your expectations, and your individual abilities. While I cannot predict the future, I know you’ll never make the progress you want if you give up.

The only way you lose is by throwing in the towel. I won’t let you give up.

Finally, when you commit to 4DFL, you’re officially in the JCDFIT family. We will serve you fully, and give you our best. So if you ever have a question, or need help/support, we’re only an email message away. No one gets left behind.

If you’re not satisfied with the materials, or you’re not getting results, or if you just feel like it’s not a good fit — please let us know.

You have my word, and my 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t entirely satisfied, just tell me. We’ll make it right, and if we can’t, you get your money back.

We’ll still be Facebook friends.

Put your trust in the 4DFL System. Take a leap and trust the process. Get started today. I won’t let you down.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers...
Is this a physical product?
No. It’s 100% digital so you can download it immediately in the members area and start getting fit today.
Does this come with a full, done-for-you, meal plan?
No. And here’s why. Meal plans are highly restrictive. Sure, it feels good to know exactly what to eat, but it virtually teaches you nothing about how to eat for life.
Is this personal coaching?
No. This is a program with all of the materials for you to consume and go through on your own time and with the group. There are plenty of resources to make the program and diet portion of the program specific to your needs and goals.
Are there macronutrient recommendations?
Yes. There’s a full diet calculator you can use to setup your recommended macronutrients for fat loss.
Does this plan work for men and women?
Yes. Both men and women will be able to follow the programs and will be able to use the macro calculators.
What if I don’t know how to lift weights?
Don’t buy this program because that’s the main form of exercise. If you aren’t comfortable lifting weights, I highly recommend you hire a trainer in person to instruct you on how to do movements.
What kind of equipment will I need?
You will need access to a squat rack, Olympic barbell, dumbbells, adjustable bench, various machines, which are all found in your typical gym setting. If you have a well-equipped home gym, we have plenty of movement substitutions to make it work for you.
Is this program hard to follow?
No. It’s not complicated in how it’s laid out. However, it is challenging, so be ready to put in some work.
How do I access the program?
You’ll be issued a username and password to login to our website where you’ll be able to download all the materials in PDF form, and you’ll be able to view all of the video demonstrations and lessons online through the membership site. You’ll be able to access on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.
What if I don’t get results?
Giving up already? Just kidding… if you do the program and don’t get results, you’re covered by our 60-day money-back guarantee. Promise.
Is this a one-time payment, or a subscription?
This is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT. There are no ongoing costs or fees associated with 4D Fat Loss. As long as you’re alive, you’ll be able to access the materials and log back in whenever you’d like to review.
Is JC A Real Person?
You bet your sweet britches he is… in fact, you can email him any time. Just send an email to jcdfitness @ gmail.com (no spaces, obviously). But be nice. He’s sensitive. 
NOTE: The 4DFL system is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, and streaming video files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.
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