Get The Lean Body Of A Superhero Without Steroids

No More Failed Attempts. No More Giving Up. No More Feeling “Stuck” And “Unsure” Of Yourself.
  • Get actionable programming that works
  • Full nutritional support and a calculator to get shredded
  • Proven and Practical Strategies for getting and staying in shape
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With 4D Fat Loss, You'll Get Leaner, Stronger, and Overall Better Results Than With Traditional 'Internet Fitness Guru Fat Loss Advice'

Look — most fat loss gurus promise you the world with their magical meal-timing protocols, supplements and fancy diets that claim you can eat pizza every day while getting shredded… but soon after you hit the buy button and download the materials, you’re left with disappointment because all the info tends to be the same old:

  • Overly complicated diets of “eat this, not that”
  • Hard to follow workout programs that leave you exhausted all the time
  • Impractical training and diet suggestions that just don’t align with your schedule

However, With 4D Fat Loss... you won't have to worry about any of that nonsense because you'll...

  • Lose Fat Faster And Easier

Here’s the deal… When most people think about fast fat loss, they imagine going on an insanely restrictive diet like Keto, or low-carb, or Atkins, or whatever.

And while that can work, it’s not the best approach because fast weight loss doesn’t always mean fast fat loss.

Read that again if you need to.

You want to lose fat as fast as possible, right?

Then you’ll want to do it the RIGHT way.

With 4DFL, you lose fat faster by:

  • Easily managing your daily intake and keeping a consistent caloric deficit (it’s super easy if you follow my lead)
  • Eating carbohydrates regularly (because they’re full of nutrients and good for your metabolism)
  • Giving your body the right amount of exercise and enough of the right food to make fat loss happen on autopilot
  • Lose Fat Without Sacrificing Hard-Earned Muscle

Remember what I said earlier about fast weight loss not being the same as fast fat loss?

Well, here’s the rub.

When most people go on a crash diet because they’re so sick of feeling fat and flabby, they tend to let their emotions take over.

They go for the easiest, most painless way of losing weight and in a few months, they look in the mirror and HATE what they see.

Sure, they’ve lost 20 pounds but they look like a skinnier but still chubby version of their former selves.

I’m sure you want to avoid this at all costs.

With 4DFL, you maintain your muscle because:

  • We focus on weight training 3-4 days per week (and these are short sessions. You’ll be done in under 50 minutes).
  • The workouts allow you to maintain (and some even gain) muscle while losing body fat.
  • The diet allows you to eat enough of the right foods (not just protein, bro) to keep all your muscle while torching body fat.
  • Eat The Foods You Like And Still Get Results

An all too common issue with people trying to sell you on fat loss diets these days is they’re all too complicated.

“Eat this sweet potato. Don’t eat that white potato.”

“Ice cream is forbidden.”

“You can eat unlimited amounts of broccoli.”

Yadda yadda yadda.

I’m not a meal plan guy. I don’t like to put any limits on WHAT you eat. But I do want you to impose constraints on how much you eat, and of course, I want to help you make better choices.

With 4DFL, you will learn how to:

  • Build a diet around your favorite foods, while getting enough protein to transform your body.
  • Create your own meal plan so you never have to worry about what to eat again.
  • Never fall into the Keto, Carnivore, or [insert trendy fad diet] trap again and enjoy your carbs and ice cream while losing fat steadily and easily.
  • Learn How To Use Your Mind To Get Permanent Fat Loss Results...

I saved the best for last but not because it’s super magical (well, it kind of is) but because most don’t consider just how much their MIND influences their results.

And this isn’t the typical woo-woo “just put out positive vibes brah” type of talk either.

This is serious. And if you learn how to use your mind to get better results, you’ll never fall into the trap of endless yo-yo dieting or training for a few weeks and then taking a few months off because of reasons.

With 4DFL, I created an entire section (and 8-video course) on the mindset needed to lose fat and keep it off for good.

In that part of this program, you’ll learn:

  • How to build habits that stick and why you should do ONE thing daily, no matter what.
  •  How to focus on the Processes, Not Outcomes and this tiny shift could alter your course forever.
  •  How to be disciplined and why it’s absolutely necessary for ANY body composition goal you’ll ever have.
  •  Why you should never, ever rely on motivation as a means to get you to the gym, or to follow your diet. I give you the exact details on how to never need so-called motivation again.
  •  The Power Of 85% and why it’s the trick to long-term progress.

And When You Follow 4D Fat Loss, You'll Won't Have To Deal With Any Of The Following:

  • Rigid Meal Plans And Strict Eating Pattens​

Look. In the recent past, they said you have to eat 6 times per day with very carefully timed meals at the 2-hour mark. And if you didn’t, you be sure to lose muscle.

Then they said “you can eat all your food in a 4 hour window — meal timing does not matter!

Then they said, macros don’t matter. It’s just about calories.

Then they said calories aren’t important. You need the precise macronutrient profile to shred fat.

All of that… for the most part, is just a way of making you more confused.

In 4DFL, I show you how to eat in a way that supports your goals and fits within your lifestyle. So if you want to eat 2 meals per day, or 10… all that matters if you follow the easy and practical guidelines. Oh, and I have some snazzy calculators to help you get started as well.

  • Workout Programs That Don't Produce Results

You won’t be surfing the internet trying to find ‘fat burning workouts’ for hours on end where you try them out the next week and realize they’re impossible to complete.

  • Hours And Hours Of Stair Stepper and Treadmill Walking...

It’s no secret that ‘doing cardio’ is most people’s answer to fat loss. But cardio is such a low-ROI movement that you won’t find any cardio routines to be the mainstay of my 4DFL program. Do I give recommendations? Absolutely. But by no means is cardio training necessary in order to get the body of your dreams.

  • Looking For Motivation Every Other Day

Something I hear every single day in my inbox is “I need more motivation, JC!” I can’t get my butt out of bed and into the gym. With 4D Fat Loss, I give you the keys to never needing to look at another motivational poster again.

  • Extra Long Weight Training Workouts
I understand you probably don’t have 3 hours per day to work out. And if you did, you probably don’t want to train that much. And even if you could, it wouldn’t do you any favors. With 4DFL, you’ll be in and out of the gym within an hour per session. And what’s great is you only need to workout 3-4 days per week to get the lean and muscular body you’re wanting so badly.

With 4D Fat Loss, These Problems Will Be Nothing But An Afterthought.

4D Fat Loss was created and tested to help you take all of the guesswork out of fat loss. All you gotta do is download the materials, pick your training program and get to work.

Get 4D Fat Loss Today

No More Failed Attempts. No More Giving Up. No More Feeling “Stuck” And “Unsure” Of Yourself.
  • Get actionable programming that works
  • Full nutritional support and a calculator to get shredded
  • Proven and Practical Strategies for getting and staying in shape
Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Payment + Money-Back Guarantee

Here's Exactly What You Get With 4D Fat Loss

4D Fat Loss Main Guide

This is the ‘why’ behind my entire method. In it, I cover all the essentials of what must happen to make body transformation WORK for you. I leave no stone left unturned when it comes to fat loss nutrition and how to make it all work for your lifestyle. I cover all the nutritional factors and explain how to easily eat for fat loss and set yourself up for nutritional success.

4D Fat Loss Mindset & Momentum Guide

This is where you learn how to implement the Full DMA System that creates the positive feedback loops you need to succeed in the long term. Motivation is fleeting. We want to build Momentum through discipline, consistent action, and accountability.

4D Fat Loss Training Guide

In this guide, you’ll get access to the 3 training programs specifically built to take you through the entire process. Each program is 8 weeks in length and built to maximize your effort in the gym and maximize your fat loss outside of the gym. There are 3, and 4-day options, so you can customize it to your liking and schedule.

4D Fat Loss Food And Meal Prep Guide

I’ll share with you my tried and true strategies for planning out your meal schedule that will help simplify your life and automate your fat loss. You eat 3-5 times a day. Without a proper plan to manage your diet well, you’ll never make the changes you want.

Custom Fat Loss Macro Calculator

This is for you to use to get your macronutrient and dietary calculations without all the guesswork or hard math equations to follow. Just plug in your numbers and get to work.

Exercise Demos

A library of movement demos so you know exactly what to be doing in the gym. We also have a variety of exercise substitutions in case you don’t have access to certain pieces of equipment.

But Wait... There's More

When you join 4D Fat Loss, you get access to a vault of mindset materials that aren’t seen in any other fat loss program.

There are 8 lessons and you’ll learn how to use your brain to get the fat loss results you want.

You might be wondering… 

“What does ‘4D’ actually stand for?”

Why 4D Fat Loss Works

Introducing The 4th Dimension Of Fat Loss

The first 3 dimensions of fat loss are as follows:
  • Strength Training (to build muscle)
  • Adequate nutrition (to burn body fat)
  • Proper rest and recovery (sleep, relaxation)
But the 4th Dimension is made up of 3 categories that all tie into one another.
Those dimensions are:
  • Discipline
  • Mindset
  • Accountability
The first three Dimensions of 4D Fat Loss are straightforward. However, there are lots of people are eating right, working out regularly, and sleeping enough, but they’re still not making progress. Why? It’s because they lack some aspect of the 4th Dimension of fat loss. But you can access all of that material when you sign up.

What Others Say About 4D Fat Loss

"I found it very different to learn more about the mentality side of things than the actual training and it was honestly the most beneficial part. Having JC available to also answer questions was awesome and I really enjoyed the full experience."
Jeff S.
4D Fat Loss Customer
“I can’t speak highly enough of JC. He’s made fitness simple and fun for me, and still gets me the best results I’ve ever had.”
Aubrey F.
4D Fat Loss Customer
"I recommend 4D Fat Loss because I have stuffed around with other programs where it's a 1-size-fits-all approach and 4DFL is the closest thing I have done where I had my own personal trainer... I wasn't just a number. I was looked after and helped every step of the way."
Iris R.
4D Fat Loss Customer
"4DFL isn't only a solid training and nutrition guide.

It's a holistic approach that teaches you the tools you need to reach your goals in the longer, long after other short term fad training programs are over.

4DFL has given me everything I need to that failure is impossible. It has completely overhauled my mindset and approach to fitness. These new insights and skills have limitless applications in other areas of my life."
Nat H.
4D Fat Loss Customer

Get 4D Fat Loss Today

No More Failed Attempts. No More Giving Up. No More Feeling “Stuck” And “Unsure” Of Yourself.
  • Get actionable programming that works
  • Full nutritional support and a calculator to get shredded
  • Proven and Practical Strategies for getting and staying in shape
Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Payment + Money-Back Guarantee

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this a physical product?
No. It’s 100% digital so you can download it immediately in the members area and start getting fit today.
  • Is this personal coaching?
No. This is a program with all of the materials for you to consume and go through on your own time and with the group. There are plenty of resources to make the program and diet portion of the program specific to your needs and goals.
  • Does this plan work for men and women?
Yes. But this program is highly recommended for Men only. However, if you’re a woman looking for a great program, I highly recommend you check out my program HOT BOD.
  • What kind of equipment will I need?
You will need access to a squat rack, Olympic barbell, dumbbells, adjustable bench, various machines, which are all found in your typical gym setting. If you have a well-equipped home gym, we have plenty of movement substitutions to make it work for you.
  • What if I don’t get results?
Giving up already? Just kidding… if you do the program and don’t get results, you’re covered by our 60-day money-back guarantee. Promise.
  • Is JC A Real Person?
You bet your sweet britches he is… in fact, you can email him any time. Just send an email to jcdfitness @ (no spaces, obviously). But be nice. He’s sensitive.
  • Does this come with a full, done-for-you, meal plan?
No. And here’s why. Meal plans are highly restrictive. Sure, it feels good to know exactly what to eat, but it virtually teaches you nothing about how to eat for life.
  • Are there macronutrient recommendations?
Yes. There’s a full diet calculator you can use to setup your recommended macronutrients for fat loss.
  • What if I don’t know how to lift weights?
Don’t buy this program because that’s the main form of exercise. If you aren’t comfortable lifting weights, I highly recommend you hire a trainer in person to instruct you on how to do movements.
  • Is this program hard to follow?
No. It’s not complicated in how it’s laid out. However, it is challenging, so be ready to put in some work.
  • How do I access the program?
You’ll be issued a username and password to login to our website where you’ll be able to download all the materials in PDF form, and you’ll be able to view all of the video demonstrations and lessons online through the membership site. You’ll be able to access on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Is this a one-time payment, or a subscription?

This is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT. There are no ongoing costs or fees associated with 4D Fat Loss. As long as you’re alive, you’ll be able to access the materials and log back in whenever you’d like to review.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to succeed at all costs. 

When you commit to 4DFL, you’re officially in the JCDFIT family. We will serve you fully, and give you our best. So if you ever have a question, or need help/support, we’re only an email message away. No one gets left behind.

If you’re not satisfied with the materials, or you’re not getting results, or if you just feel like it’s not a good fit — email me for a full refund.

You have my word, and my 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t entirely satisfied, just tell me. We’ll make it right, and if we can’t, you get your money back.

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JC Deen, Fitness Coach & Writer

Get 4D Fat Loss Today

No More Failed Attempts. No More Giving Up. No More Feeling “Stuck” And “Unsure” Of Yourself.
  • Get actionable programming that works
  • Full nutritional support and a calculator to get shredded
  • Proven and Practical Strategies for getting and staying in shape
Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Payment + Money-Back Guarantee

NOTE: The 4DFL system is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, and streaming video files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy