From Former Fat Boy To Personal Trainer To Published Writer

Hi. I’m JC and this is where I share everything I know about health, fitness, and getting you into your best shape.

I started writing about fitness back in 2009 while I was in college on message boards and eventually started this site to share everything I knew.

I began training clients and applying what I’d learned from my athletic background and what I’d figured out on my own.

Fast forward to now and millions of people have read my work. I’ve been featured on, which was a longtime dream of mine given how Arnold was a fitness hero to me in my teens.

I’ve also been featured on Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, T-Nation, AskMen, ProBlogger, ZenHabits, and more…

But I wasn’t always this in shape guy who writes about fitness on the internet.

In fact, I’m a former fat boy. Men’s Health even did a story about it. When I was growing up, I was overweight and hated it.

It wasn’t until I got into college that I did anything about it. Once I truly embraced fitness, I was hooked. I could see my abs for the first time and I actually looked like I lifted, rather than a doughy, thick, football player.

About JC Deen

Summer of ’07 was the first time I ever saw my abs. And ever since, I’ve maintained an athletic physique. Sometimes a little leaner, other times a little thicker, but never my former fat self.

After coaching hundreds of clients, publishing articles, and writing custom training and nutrition plans, I can safely say I know exactly what it takes to get into your best shape and maintain it.

A Bit More Of My Story…

I’ve been exercising since I was a young kid. I have a background in athletics, and fell in love with strength training when I was 13. When I graduated high school, I had hopes of playing college football, but one day I woke up and the dream was gone.

Shortly after I gave up that goal, I started my first semester at the University of Arkansas. I found myself in the gym all the time and surrounded myself with a bunch of active people. I made a ton of mistakes, read all the magazines, and fumbled through training and dieting programs until I found a few good resources and a mentor to guide me.

A few years later, I began to think about all the other people who were probably in my shoes and looking for a fitness resource they could trust and get real answers from.

I always imagined I could be so much further along if I’d just had access to better information.

That’s why I started writing.

If you’re looking for a way to get in shape, I can help. If you have a lot of fat to lose, or just want to get rid of the last 5-10 pounds, I can help there, too.

If you’ve been scrawny and weak your whole life, and just want to build some muscle, you’ve come to the right place.

While your goals are important, and I want you to reach them, I encourage you to enjoy the hell out of your journey, because you’ll grow mentally, as well as physically on your way to the top.

What’s Next?

No matter what your starting point, you can be in better shape. It takes some focus, discipline, and knowing what to do. That’s where I can help.

The way you view your fitness journey will make or break your results. Believe it or not, your mindset will determine whether or not you quit or keep going.

For now, I suggest you read this: The Long Road Is The Short Road. And then go check out the results my clients have gotten. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from doctors, to lawyers, nurses, startup founders, and platinum selling songwriters and actors like Bryan Gentry.