Use LGN365 to
  •  Lose the unwanted, stubborn body fat
  •  Build muscle and strength 
  •  Use habits to stay in shape year-round 
  •  Gain confidence in your fitness
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Are You Working Out Constantly, Taking Supplements You Can’t Pronounce, Eating All The ‘Right’ Foods… And STILL Struggling To Build The Physique Of Your Dreams?
Looking Great Naked…

It’s what most of us want when we start working out with the goal of losing fat, gaining muscle, or doing a little bit of both…

But the truth is many people never get the results they want, even after years of spending time in the gym.

They say knowledge is power, right?

So surely you would’ve succeeded after reading all the magazines, online articles, and fitness resources at your disposal…

But if you haven’t, this is for you.

I bet you remember the first time you decided to work out and get into shape. You were motivated to work hard, and you probably even made some gains here and there, but the progress probably wasn’t as rapid as you’d have liked.

You may have even trained really hard for a year, or possibly longer, with little or no results to show for your efforts. It’s not your fault, though. You were just doing what you were always told, even if it wasn’t the best advice.

If that happened to you, I’m truly sorry.


But here’s my take on it:
If You’re Not Getting The Results You Want,
Something Has To Change.
Make any excuse you want to, but don’t deny this FACT: something isn’t right if you’re not progressing toward your goal of LOOKING GREAT NAKED.

Look, I’m not here to tell you about everything you’re doing wrong. I’m here to educate you on what works, and to give you some guides on how to make it work for you. I’m All About The Following:
Cutting Through the Crap and Getting The Best Results Possible
My name is JC Deen, fitness coach, consultant, trainer, and writer. I’ve been seen in Forbes.com, Men’s Fitness, Huffington Post Live and have written for Bodybuilding.com, Livestrong.com, the Alan Aragon Research Review, Men’s Health, and ZenHabits.net.

I created LGN365 because I saw a gap in most of the fitness information I devour – especially the how-to courses. I’ve been training since I was 13 years old, but it wasn’t until about the age of 20 that I started to get it right.

As you will see in the series of photos below, I’ve managed to maintain an aesthetically-pleasing physique since about 2007.
Sure I’ve been heavier or lighter depending on multiple factors affecting my life, but maintaining this look hasn’t been difficult at all.

And this is what I want to share with you – the how-to’s of building your physique, and then how to maintain what you’ve built.

I put everything in this course I’ve found to be beneficial for my clients, as well as the personal workout routines I design for myself.

That may sound like a lot, and it is.
Here’s exactly what you get with LGN365:
The ‘Getting Started’ Guide [My Entire Fitness Philosophy]
This guide is my entire philosophy on the fitness lifestyle. In it I cover fat loss, muscle gain, training principles, goal setting, and mindset. At 100 pages, I cover everything you MUST know to be successful during your physique-building journey. You’ll learn all about:
  •  The reasoning behind my training and diet methods.
  •  How to figure out your ‘why.’
  •  Why you need to create goals that are believable.
  •  The insight into my personal fitness ideals.
The Hypertrophy Manual is all about muscle gain, and what to do and how to do it quickly. When you embark on a muscle building program, you need a combination of strength and volume training for the best results. In LGN365, this is what you get:
  •  4 muscle gain routines.
  •  How to set up your diet and training for maximal benefit.
  •  Learn muscle gain principles you can apply to any routine.
  •  Train effectively on a 3, 4, or 6 day schedule – it’s your choice.
LGN365 FAT LOSS Manual
Fat Loss programming can be tricky, but have no fear. With LGN365, I’ve got you covered. You will maintain and even possibly even gain strength while melting your body fat. The Fat Loss Manual covers the following:
  •  Learn how to set up your diet for maximal fat loss.
  •  Maintain your lean body mass with relative ease with 1 of the 3 programs.
  •  How much training it really takes to maintain your muscle.
  •  Discover how fat loss really works through evidenced-based ideas and application.
14 Day Fat Loss Kickstarter Program ›› BONUS
Need to drop some fat quickly? Get on the 14 Day Fat Loss Kickstarter plan and then ease into one of the main fat loss programs.
  •  Lose fat quickly and safely.
  •  Prime yourself for steady fat loss on one of the primary LGN365 programs.
  •  Build the confidence you need quickly to stick with the program.4 muscle gain routines.
Quick RECIPE HANDBOOK by Derek Doepker
If you’re not sure what to eat, I’ve provided some recipes for you to give a try. They’re exclusive from my friend Derek (more on him below), and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. Remember, this is not the only meal choices you have, but merely a springboard for getting creative with your cooking. Here’s what you get:
  •  Crazy Quick Crockpot Chili.
  •  Curry Chicken and Vegetables.
  •  The “Bestest” Banana Bread.
  •  Home-made Kale Chips.
  •  The Sixty-Second Salad.
LGN365 TRAINING GUIDE with Warm-Up Quick Tips
I cover how to progress optimally using reverse pyramid training, and rest-pause techniques. You’ll also get a FULL list of exercise substitutions for you to use when you either can’t perform a certain movement, or need to swap something out for another training cycle. Here’s what you get:
  •  Learn how to effectively warm-up for training sessions.
  •  Discover how to use foam rolling for better mobility and increased range of motion.
  •  Improve muscle activation with simple ‘tricks’ that take less than 2 minutes to perform.
  •  Improve performance and reduce risk of injury.
You get fat loss and muscle gain calculators that are easy to use. No need for fumbling through confusing equations
  •  Based on height, weight, gender, and body fat percentage.
  •  No fancy equations for you to get frustrated using…
  •  Establish a baseline calorie recommendation instantly.
  •  Calculates Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Macronutrients.
12 Exercise and Mobility Demonstration Videos
  •  12 High Quality Videos with lifetime viewing access.
  •  Know exactly what the exercises look like.
  •  Never ‘guess’ what exercise you should be doing.
"It’s a fantastic read filled with excellent information, and I could not recommend a product–or its creator–more highly."
John Romaniello - NYT Best-Selling Author
Ready to Look Great Naked?
  •  Lose the unwanted, stubborn body fat
  •  Build muscle and strength 
  •  Use habits to stay in shape year-round 
  •  Gain confidence in your fitness
You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee
See What LGN365 Has Done For Others
And if you choose to follow the program closely, here's how it just might help you...
- Hampus H.
"The reason it finally worked for me was that I let the guide be in charge instead of me. I handed over the responsibility, knowing and trusting that JC had done it right. I knew how to do the heavy lifting in the gym, now I just had to follow the nutritional guidelines and things would be fine.

Before, I would sit and use the different formulas to get my BMR, set macros, count percentages, adjust and get the right numbers, but since I didn’t trust them upon myself they were useless.

It all comes down to trust and putting focus on what matters. I trust JC and the reward is a body I have dreamed of having ever since being a little fat kid eating candy and watching Turtles. My progress in pounds in six weeks and five days of following the program:

- Squats from 220 to 258.5lbs
- Deadlift from 253 to 286lbs
- Bench 187 to 198lbs
- Chins from 10 to 25.3lbs

My body weight started at 182lbs and is now down to 169lbs."
- Andrew K.
"Through JC’s guidance, I slowly began to grow a better relationship with food and fitness. Dieting wasn’t an obligation. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a diet. It’s a lifestyle now. As long as my pizzas fit into my macros, I enjoy it. Keyword: GUILT-FREE.

His program helped me shed off the last few lbs. that I’ve been plateaued on for the longest time. Eating fewer carbs on days I don’t work out and carbs on days I do work out made so much sense. Reading it just made me realized how ignorant I was.

All this time, I have just been doing low-carb all the time. My workouts and just my days were so groggy. By the end of each day, I was worn out. I’ve been doing all of this hard work when it could’ve been done quickly and efficiently.

JC has helped me reach my goal faster within 5 months than I reached it myself in a span of 5 years. He’s made fitness more fun, and my relationship with food a lot better. You’ve made me look at life in a more simplistic and practical way."
You See What I’m Saying? All this info at your fingertips...
With LGN365, you essentially have a full year of training and diet strategies mapped out for you. It’s as simple as that.

Imagine having your training and diet questions answered so you could do nothing but focus on building the body you want over the next 8 weeks, 20 weeks, or even the entire next year?

How much progress could you make with a focused, and direct plan? I bet you’d make a lot, and if you didn’t, I’d honestly be shocked.

Alright, alright, you’re probably saying to yourself …
"Yeah, Yeah, But I’ve Tried Everything Before.
Can This Really Work For Me?"
You’ve probably tried some body-transformation programs in the past.

You may have tried many of them. I know I sure did.

When I was starting out, I jumped from program to program.

I even used to go back and forth between fat loss and muscle gain every other week. But nothing resulted from my efforts.

Wait a second. I did actually get results, but they were far from positive. I was tired, worn out, and I still looked the same.

It all changed for me once I figured that building a body you’re proud of happens through diligence, hard work, and doing the right things.

It’s not about spending all your time in the gym, or testing out training programs and fad diets in hopes of finally getting it right.

Please understand that LGN365 is not just another fitness course with impractical advice, rigid meal timing guidelines, training programs that are too complicated or take up a ton of your precious time.

LGN365 contains what I like to call the minimum effective dose.

In it contains enough information to take care of your immediate physique-related goals (need to lose 20+ pounds or add 10 pounds of muscle) as well as your long term fitness goals…
See What LGN365 Has Done For Others
And if you choose to follow the program closely, here's how it just might help you...
- Michael C.
"Long term dieters can probably relate to the months of wheel spinning I endured as I jumped from one program to another trying to find the solution to the dreaded fat loss plateau.

JC’s manual gave a simple and effective structure that was flexible enough to adjust to my lifestyle. The strength routine allowed me to maintain strength and retain muscle mass as I progressively reached my fat loss goals.

One of the biggest aides was the nutrition program. It helped me set up, adjust, and maintain a steady fat loss diet. It was effective in which adherence was effortless.

How many times do you see dieters enjoying ice cream on a regular basis without sabotaging their progress? After going through JC’s program, I was able to prove to myself that it’s possible."
- Craig F.
"I am a hardgainer, a member of the metabolic elite, a gift and a curse when all you want to do is pack on size. I’ve tried many programs, tried many mass diets, and I couldn’t seem to find one that worked and still allowed me to have a life.

After a run in on Fitocracy and subsequent Twitter conversation, JC told me about his program. It looked straight forward, calculated, and manageable in terms of required gym time and suggested diet. “Let’s give it a go” I thought.

It works.

Plug your metrics into his metabolic calculator, eat the kCals it tells you, and follow the lift progression. It’s fool-proof. I gained 4 pounds in 6 weeks, something that for me, seemed previously unattainable. I also cut a bit of fat on top of my abs, something that “can’t be done” while gaining right?

This program works. JC was great to communicate with and was readily available to answer any questions I had. The entire time I got the sense that this wasn’t just some gig for him, he really does care about about helping people reach their fitness goals.

I recommend this program to anyone. Period."
- Sangmin S.
"This program is just awesome. From the nutritional aspect to training aspect, it has it all.

There are multiple training options for you to choose from to suit your schedule.After following this program, I have experienced some serious improvement in my physique.

Everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE that I know had been complimenting me about how my physique looked more muscular. I HIGHLY recommend this program to everyone who wants to see some real gains in muscle and strength."
"It’s a fantastic read filled with excellent information, and I could not recommend a product–or its creator–more highly."
John Romaniello - NYT Best-Selling Author
Ready to Look Great Naked?
  •  Lose the unwanted, stubborn body fat
  •  Build muscle and strength 
  •  Use habits to stay in shape year-round 
  •  Gain confidence in your fitness
You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee
Whether you need some guidance getting your body fat into the single digits, or want to build some muscle and strength, all the information is laid out in plain English – no hard-to-understand scientific jargon (although I do back up my work with scientific literature).

I can assure that you’ll find LGN365 to be invaluable for your physique-building efforts. And if you don’t, I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY. Just ask for a refund within 30 days, and you got it. No questions asked.

Although, I feel it’s highly unlikely due to how much you’ll gain from the content.

There are a few things you should consider…
Variation, Moderation, and Temperament
For the most part, we’re not that different.

Outside of gender and some other genetic variables, our human bodies all work and function similarly.

However, schedules, and temperaments can vary wildly.

And that’s why I’ve included various training routines. One fat loss routine only requires 2 days of weight training and the bonus hypertrophy program I threw in gets you in the gym 5-6 days per week, if that’s what you’re into (this is my personal favorite).

I like to take a focused approach. We’re talking about your goals – and I want to get you from Point A to Point B without a bunch of guesswork.

I’m also adamant on training efficiently for the goal at hand. This is why I’ve included various training techniques such as Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT), as well as some Rest-Pause (RP) techniques that maximize your results with a minimum of Wasted Time (WT).

I wasted a lot of effort early on when I was building my physique and I wouldn’t want you to repeat those same mistakes I did.

The equation looks something like this:
Reverse Pyramid Training helps you:

+ Build muscle and strength quickly.
+ Maintain muscle on a fat loss diet.
+ Get in and out of the gym in a hurry.
+ Improve your max strength.

Rest-Pause Training helps you:

+ Build muscle without using super heavy weights all the time.
+ Slash your time spent training almost in half.

Wasted Time:

+ I don’t have to write anything here – everyone hates wasting time.
A word from the author:
I Got You Covered With My ‘No-BS, You Put In The Work’ Guarantee

I think you’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish within 30 days as long as you’re focused and following a structured plan.

LGN365 is a full-on guide to building muscle, losing body fat and creating your ideal physique. I know of no other program that includes all the information wrapped into one resource.

I get it though – if you’re new to my writing, or have never heard of me before, you probably think I may be full of BS. I want you to know that I do have your best interest in mind.

And this is why I’m offering you the following…


If you put in the work, and apply everything I’ll have taught you in the full fitness course, you’ll get results.

I want you to understand something first. Nothing worth having is ever free, or easy.

My methods are simple, no-BS, and very effective, but you still have to work hard. You must follow the programming as written out and make sure your diet is in line with your goals.

If you do find yourself getting stuck, or confused, I’m only an email away and I’d love to see how I can help you in the case you’re not making the progress you’d hoped for.

And trust me – I answer all my emails. I’m not some of these gurus who hard sells you and then leaves you high and dry. Just ask any of my readers and customers.

In saying that, I’m going to extend a 30-day 100% Money Back and Results Driven Satisfaction Guarantee even further:

If you follow one of the LGN365 programs to the *tee* and don’t make significant progress toward your goal of fat loss, or strength/size gains, then I’ll refund your money.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt refund.
"It’s a fantastic read filled with excellent information, and I could not recommend a product–or its creator–more highly."
John Romaniello - NYT Best-Selling Author
Ready to Look Great Naked?
  •  Lose the unwanted, stubborn body fat
  •  Build muscle and strength 
  •  Use habits to stay in shape year-round 
  •  Gain confidence in your fitness
You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee
LGN365 Is The Only Fitness Resource You Need
Along With Everything Above, You Also Get All The Following
Expert Interviews and Podcasts
Goal Setting & Habit Creation with Leo Babauta
  •  How to get your habits to stick using the ‘5-minute rule’.
  •  Why you should create a habit first and focus on results later.
  •  Learn why the ‘no time’ excuse is not an excuse at all.
  •  Discover why ‘shocking the muscles’ and ‘switching programs’ might be killing your progress.
Developing The Success Mindset with Roger Lawson
  •  Discover why you should ‘trust the process’ and believe in what you’re doing.
  •  The importance of ‘course-correcting’ along your fitness journey.
  •  Why setting goals based on a timeline is not always the most conducive to achieving them.
  •  Discover the uncanny *Treat Yo Self* protocol that Roger shares with all of his clients.
All About Muscle Gain with John Romaniello
  •  Why you should strategically add intensity and volume for building muscle mass.
  •  Why people on the Internet will make fun of you if you don’t train your legs.
  •  The importance of building a balanced physique through movement variations.
  •  Learn why the small exercises (face pulls, band work, and assistance work) can benefit you in the long term and keep your joints healthy.
Making Quick & Healthy Meals with Derek Doepker
  •  Why you should never compromise taste for the sake of eating healthier.
  •  Learn why your diet must be manageable, and how your ‘willpower’ to stick with your diet can only take you so far.
  •  How his studies of the raw vegan diet influenced him to be creative with his food selection and baking alternatives.
  •  Why he decided to use some ingredients such as almond flour for baking and kale to make ‘chips’ to cover your salty cravings.
Even More Real World Results from Others Using LGN365
- John S.
"I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with JC as a test subject for his fitness course. First off, he isn’t kidding. NO BS. Just what works.

The course is easy to read but packed with information. It brought me right through a good warm up and into a great workout.The workouts rotated and the concepts and intensities changed as well to allow my body to adjust and grow.

His diet and workout is tied to the goal you choose.

Gain muscle, one diet and program. Lean and tighten up another diet and program.

I have done a lot of reading on fitness and nutrition. Frequently, I will come across a concept and think, wow, I should include that in my diet or workout. But, I have no idea how to incorporate it.

JC has done that!

He takes a bunch of winning concepts and puts them together in an easy to follow format.

If you are serious about making improvements, then this book is an eye opener."
- Dieter S.
"I’ve always worked out hard on barbell lifts and eaten more protein than my budget could afford, but I’ve never been particularly lean. Last summer this got even worse, I injured my back while deadlifting and I couldn’t even stand up straight for months.

After months out of the gym, I had ballooned from 202lbs to 224lbs, while losing a ton of muscle. I was fat and I was depressed and I was even wondering whether it was worth working out anymore. That was until JC mentioned a new program he wanted to test.I’ve been a long time reader of JC’s.

His advice is straightforward and based upon hard science instead of the myths that have been perpetuated throughout the fitness industry, so when he said he had a program coming out, I immediately signed up. He sent out the program a week later. I chose one of his fatloss programs and there I was, back in the gym again.

At first it was agony to be back in the gym, but I put JC’s stretching/mobility routine into practice because I wanted to heal my injuries and really do it right this time. Well, for the first few weeks, nothing happened. My bench and squat stayed pretty much the same, my deadlift was pretty much nonexistent, and my chin ups were a struggle. But then, almost overnight, I started to see improvements.

My bench started skyrocketing, I was adding 10 pounds to my squat every workout, and my deadlifts were out of control.

Then, people started commenting about how good I looked. At first, I thought they were just being nice, but then after having people repeat the same thing, it started to sink in. At this point, I knew there was no turning back, I was fully committed to the program and my results showed the smart training principles the program was based upon.

Over the 16 weeks of JC’s Fat loss program, I had the following progress.

Starting body weight: 224 pounds
Previous lifting records (all weight in pounds):

Deadlifts: 305
Bodyweight Chin Ups: 9 @ Bodyweight of 215
Bench: 215
Squat: 275
Ending Weight: 194 pounds
Current Lifts:

Deadlifts: 405 (+100lbs)
Weighted Chin Ups: 65
Bodweight Chin Ups:
1st Set: 16 (+7 reps)
2nd Set: 10
Bench: 250 (+35lbs)
Squat: 335 (+60lbs)
I’ve lost 30 lbs and gained a lot of muscle. My body feels better than it ever has and even better, I look great and feel way better about myself.

Thanks JC for putting an amazing program together, you’ve made a really big impact on my life.

Keep up the great work."
- Sean G.
What specifically about the fitness course (LGN365) has helped you the most?
“My personal feeling is that the best feature of LGN365 is the material dedicated to helping the reader develop a mindset that will allow him or her to integrate fitness goals into a healthy lifestyle, rather than forcing everything else to revolve around the gym.

The pitfalls and misconceptions that are touched on seem to be all too common for newer lifters of all ages, and the text spends quite a bit of time helping the reader cultivate a mindset free of obsession, neurosis, and uncertainty.

Training programs are very commonplace in the fitness industry, but very few fitness products take the time to touch on the mental aspects of body composition and training. I am pleased to report that JC Deen’s LGN36 covers all of this at great length.”
What challenges has LGN365 helped you to overcome with your personal fitness journey?
“My own mindset. Although I have always been relatively thin for most of my life, I nevertheless suffer from many of the symptoms of the infamous Former Fat Boy Syndrome. I often find myself overly preoccupied with getting fat while attempting to put on mass, and even when I finally achieve positive results, I often have a difficult time recognizing or acknowledging them. And what happens when I do finally have the size I want? Will I be able to lose the extra fat? The self-questioning can be endless.

The most ridiculous part is that I have sabotaged myself in the past by succumbing to this behavior, even though I was consciously aware that I was being irrational. LGN365 has helped me to keep my eyes on the bigger picture, and challenges me to reflect on where I am, how far I’ve come, and where I’m going. If I am in doubt, regardless of my goal, I have only to fall back on the safety nets provided by the nutritional calculators and pre-designed routines to continue seeing progress.”
- Zaeem S.
What specifically about the fitness course (LGN365) has helped you the most?
“Most specifically, the thing I liked most about LGN365 was the fact that it is a program based around actual science and factual information which is combined to offer a comprehensive program.

I feel most programs in the fitness industry now days are tailored around false information and marketing gimmicks, and JC did an excellent job of weeding out all of the useless information and providing an excellent program to get an individual into amazing shape with tons of information to save you time and answer important questions related to diet and training.”
What challenges has LGN365 helped you to overcome with your personal fitness journey?
“The number one thing I usually struggle with is trying to remember all of the ins-and-outs of properly provisioning a diet (maintenance calorie info, macro breakdowns, etc). LGN365 has been a tremendous help with this and made life so much easier.

It has allowed me to not waste time and energy trying to search around the internet to figure these things out. I can now quickly use LGN365 to tailor a program specific to my needs with diet and training routines and hit the ground running.”
- Marc T.
What specifically about the fitness course (LGN365) has helped you the most?
“I found RPT, to be a really efficient way to get in more volume while still making strength gains with a certain rep bracket.

The way that you lucidly described the necessity of connecting with a powerful psychological motivator for training through honest self-reflection was a valuable meta-cognitive strategy that I was able to tap into every training session.”
- Zach B.
What specifically about the fitness course (LGN365) has helped you the most?
“The variety in the workouts has definitely helped the most. I tend to get stale on things pretty fast and the fact that there are so many great programs has helped me immensely.

It has also made me more consistent because I know when I get to the end of my 12 weeks, I have a new program ready to go.”
What challenges has LGN365 helped you to overcome with your personal fitness journey?
“My personal fitness journey has been plagued by former fat boy syndrome, and basically having this template to turn to takes all my worries away. I know that as long as I trust the process, my body will take care of itself; relief is really an understatement here."
Looking Great Naked is about training smarter, not always harder.
But don’t get me wrong… You still have to train hard.

In as little as 4-7 hours per week, you can be well on your way to achieving your fat loss or muscle building goals.

Along with this, you’ll get to download all the fitness course materials immediately – the Getting Started Guide, The Fat Loss Manual, The Hypertrophy Manual, The Recipe Guide, the workout routines, macronutrient calculators and all of the videos.
"It’s a fantastic read filled with excellent information, and I could not recommend a product–or its creator–more highly."
John Romaniello - NYT Best-Selling Author
Ready to Look Great Naked?
  •  Lose the unwanted, stubborn body fat
  •  Build muscle and strength 
  •  Use habits to stay in shape year-round 
  •  Gain confidence in your fitness
You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee
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LGN365 is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, audio, video, and excel files.

No physical product will be shipped.

*Instant access to material upon purchase*