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Fully Customized 1-on-1 Body Transformation Coaching To Help You Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Finally Reach Your Goals

Translation: When You Work With JC, You Get Personal Fitness Coaching From Someone Who Actually Gives A Shit
IS IT Time To Take It To The Next Level?

Behind Every Successful Transformation Is Guidance, Accountability, And Support

What if you had certainty you would get into the best shape of your life? 

What would that mean to you?

Imagine getting a glimpse of yourself in the mirror as you get ready for work and LOVING what you see in the mirror.

It might sound like that feeling is far away, but it’s really not. In fact, you’re probably not very far off from your ideal self right now. All that stands in your way is most likely yourself.  

Read that again. 

It’s likely YOU getting in your own way.

You might feel changing your body is impossible. Many people feel that way. But as you scroll down this page, you’ll see that it’s entirely possible and when you have help, you are stacking the deck in your favor. 

Oh, and remember this:

Body transformations don’t come from expensive supplements, or exhausting workout schedules that take all your time and energy.

They happen when you have the right mix of guidance, accountability, and support.

Keep reading.

How Would You Like To Work Toward Results Like These In The Next 16 Weeks?

*Results may vary
NOTE: This is exclusively for men and women who want step-by-step guidance for building muscle and losing fat.

See What Others Are Saying...

"This Experience Has Truly Changed My Life"

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*Results May Vary

This experience has truly changed my life and I am grateful to JC for all his patience and guidance he has shown and given me over the last few months.

I hope I can spread the word of his work to others and that his popularity grows rapidly, because people do not know what they have been missing.”

- Chris Brown, Client

Ready for change?

Are You Trying Hard To Get In Shape But Getting Nowhere?

You’re probably busy. And you probably have a limited amount of mental bandwidth for learning how to eat perfectly. 

Then you need to think about exercise. How much is enough? Is it too much or too little? 

With so much information about being healthy and losing weight online, it’s easy to get confused.

If you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how you’re ever going to get in shape, or if you feel like you could make much more progress, personalized coaching is for you.

When you embark on a coaching experience with me (JC), we’ll get right to work. You’ll get up to speed fast with the ideal training and nutritional protocols specific to you.

Apply Now to Get Added to the Waitlist

Applying is simple.

All you have to do is click the button below, fill out the application, and then sit back while I look over everything.

Within 24 hours, you’ll have a reply from me via email with my thoughts regardless of whether you qualify for coaching.

If you qualify, we’ll set up a quick, no-pressure phone call so I can learn about your goals. If coaching isn’t a good fit, I’ll have some ideas for you that will probably help.

"I No Longer Obsess About Shit That Doesn’t Matter."

*Results May Vary
*Results May Vary

“Working with JC has not only been great for both my training and nutrition. I no longer obsess about shit that doesn’t matter wether it’s a diet trend or some new workout.

Now I feel much more sane and I’m able to focus more on things I love doing like maxing out on my deadlift and celebrating with a box of cheerios.

Thank you JC”

- Philipe Rodrigues, Client

"The Lessons I Learned Through JC Will Be Ones I Will Use For The Rest Of My Lifting Days."

*Results May Vary
*Results May Vary

“Before working with JC, I got all my information through articles, Internet forums, and magazines. While this helped somewhat, it often gave me conflicting ideas that left me confused and frustrated.

JC not only taught me great programs that helped me make more progress than I ever had before, but he also presented them in a way that did not require extreme lifestyle changes or obsessive behavior.

The lessons I learned through JC will be ones I will use for the rest of my lifting days, and am extremely grateful to him for showing me the way.”

- CT, Client

What is online coaching?

And what's so good about it?​​

Online fitness coaching is interesting. You can be coached and guided by an expert over the internet so as long as you know your way around the gym, and have some experience training.

The great thing about this is it affords you the luxury of training when, and how often you want to, without having to work around your personal trainer’s schedule and other clients.

The bad news? It is easy to get duped and fooled by someone on Instagram with shredded abs holding a slice of pizza.

They may be a great trainer and coach, but they might not be.

How do you know who’s legit, and who isn’t.

That’s where it gets very difficult.

There are many folks online promising you custom programing and personal attention, but how do you know you’re not just a number?

The thing is… you can’t actually know.

You have to trust your gut feeling. And this isn’t always a bad thing.

But before you fork over your money, I think it’s great to at least have a conversation and see if you’re a good fit — especially if we’re looking at 6+ months of time together.

online fitness coach
JC Deen, Fitness Coach & Writer
Fitness coach, writer, thinker…

Who Is JC Deen?

Hey, I’m JC. I’m a fitness coach, trainer, and writer. I take a lot of pride in my work with clients because having been through the coaching experience most of my training career; I know that it’s rarely a good thing to go it alone.

Why, exactly? Because it’s hard to be objective about your own goals and approach — no matter how much you know.

I take a highly focused, and personal approach to working with my individual clients. It’s my goal to help every single person succeed and learn the processes necessary to make fitness a solid part of their daily routine and lifestyle.

Outside of coaching clients, I am featured in many of the writing outlets above. I’ve contributed to Men’s Health books (actual books in major retailers, not just ebooks), and magazine articles.

Truly Customized And Focused On You

What Makes Coaching With JC A No-Brainer?

The Right Tools For The Job

Track your progress in the cloud and get instant feedback when needed. This way, we can make the adjustments necessary to keep you going full-steam.

I have strict accountability built into the system to ensure you stay on track, and that I help you stay on top of your fitness habits. We focus on a true lifestyle change, not an 8-week crash diet to impress your friends with your soon-to-vanish six-pack.

This is a course I designed for my personal clients only and takes them through various concepts you will deal with on your fitness journey. You do the homework, and I guide you through the process.

A Personal Touch For Best Results

I don’t run a program factory where you get a ‘standard template’ that forces you to make exercise substitutions on your own. We will discuss your needs, experience and limitations, and I’ll build your program around YOU.

I don’t have a hundred clients on rotation at all times. Typically, I rarely accept over 5 people into my program every month. As a result, I keep numbers low, and interaction-quality is very high. I want you to have the best experience possible.

I have a strict schedule we’ll work together on that ensures you stay accountable to your goals. If you have questions, I’ve got answers and you’ll never feel alone.

"No cardio and proper nutrition with my sanity in check! Couldn’t have had a better experience!"

*Results may vary
*Results may vary


“Being pretty thin my entire life, I never felt the need to pick up a weight. Of course my mid-twenties happened and it seemed as if out of no where my clothes started to become too tight! I had no clue about fitness, weight loss, fat loss, none of that.

I did my best to research and ended up on the low cal, low carb, clean eating cardio train. I hit a wall and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

Tired of the BS I just happened to google “Clean Eating is a Scam”. JC’s article on the subject was the first that was listed in the search. That article seriously changed everything I thought I knew or understood about fat loss and sanity through dieting.

Under his guidance I was able to lean out with fundamentals that I didn’t think would work for me and my body type. No cardio and proper nutrition with my sanity in check! Couldn’t have had a better experience!”

- Nicole C, Client

Personalized + real-world guidance

True, 1-on-1 Coaching With Your Best Interests In Mind

I hate to say this, but I know *too much* about how most coaching programs are run. Most coaches online who claim you’re getting truly personalized, exclusive coaching, but in reality, it’s everything but custom.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to copy and paste training programs and ‘diet plans’ that they give to everyone, regardless of experience level, or goals.

With my coaching, I take a personal approach (and let’s be frank — is there any other way?).

I don’t take just anyone, and contrary to most other coaches, no one can sign up and buy coaching from me until you submit an application — so go ahead and get that done and we’ll start the process.

Apply Now to Get Added to the Waitlist

Applying is simple.

All you have to do is click the button below, fill out the application, and then sit back while I look over everything.

Within 24 hours, you’ll have a reply from me via email with my thoughts regardless of whether you qualify for coaching.

If you qualify, we’ll set up a quick, no-pressure phone call so I can learn about your goals. If coaching isn’t a good fit, I’ll have some ideas for you that will probably help.

"To Sum It Up In One Short Sentence, Working With JC Has Changed My Life."​

*Results may vary
*Results may vary


“Mainly, it’s not about the aesthetic changes, although of course these have been fairly substantial, but more about my whole approach to fitness.

JC was great to work with, going above and beyond to help me out with ideas and training schedules even though I was fairly busy with work during the start of my training period and actually throughout.

He identified immediately the mobility issues I was dealing with and also the injury that I was dealing with and was able to help me improve both of those factors through his program design.

The best part however was I felt he was not just providing accountability and programs for me to follow, but rather teaching me about how to approach the whole realm of fitness holistically, and equipping me with the knowledge and tools so that I will be set up for life long success.

I have to admit at first I was skeptical about spending so much money on an online coaching program, however, with hindsight I can say that it was worth every dollar.”

- George Z., Client

"I Would Have Bailed On My Program A Few Weeks In Without Him!"​

225 Trap Bar Deadlift:

“I started weight lifting two years ago and a few months in, I knew I needed some guidance.

I reached out to JC Deen and I’m so glad I did! Not only did he provide me with quality programming and nutritional advice, I truly felt like he cared about my progress.

He responded to all of my questions and videos promptly and gave me the support I needed during my first bulk. I would have bailed on my program a few weeks in without him!

Throughout this process, I’ve hit several PR’s, 225-pound trap bar deadlift, 250-pound barbell hip thrust, and body weight chin-ups and pull-ups.

But the best part has been cultivating confidence in my physique and performance, not to mention getting to know JC, who is a pretty awesome guy.”

- Kate G, Client

"I could finally stop obsessing about the small nuances and start working on the stuff that gives you the biggest bang for your buck."

*Results may vary
*Results may vary


“After 2 surgeries and 3 months of inactivity in 2014, I came to JC to get back on track. At first I was skeptical of doing online training but JC proved me wrong. He was punctual and prompt in his responses to any questions I had. He was always there for me.

What I loved about JC’s approach the most is his focus on principles, the stuff that really matters. He is able to look at the big picture and deconstruct down to the things that you really need to do in order to achieve your goals.

I could finally stop obsessing about the small nuances and start working on the stuff that gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

I have learned some important lessons on training and nutrition that I will be using for the rest of my life. JC is not only a great coach, he is now a friend. That’s what differentiates him from other trainers online.”

- Shazid R., Client

"This can change your life. Stop being negative and do the work. Results will come!!"

*Results may vary
*Results may vary

“My experience was one that most people could probably find themselves relating to.

I tried to commit to something, and thought ‘oh if I spend the money for a training program I’ll feel guilty if I don’t follow through.’

Well yeah… not!

I completed about half my program but gave up.

I wasn’t holding myself accountable and made excuses.

I felt like a failure and lived in shame and continued to make excuses for my poor eating.

I figured as long as I could pass my pt test (once a year), then that was all that mattered.

I wasn’t myself and wasn’t happy.

I didn’t have the energy to be a good mother to my daughter and go to the park with her.

About a year later JC Deen contacted me and he had me pegged. He knew accountability was my issue and I needed to stop being afraid to eat.

Reluctantly I agreed to start a training program with him again but this time I had to check in with him daily. (JC note: no joke… it was written into the agreement!)

It was very challenging and rewarding.

I was scared but determined and my 16-week program changed my life.

My body changed, and as I got compliments, I had more drive. Yes I can eat and be satisfied and still see progress. A whole new outlook!!!

I met a wonderful partner at the gym and he gave me more motivation.

I felt like a rockstar — a stunning man five years younger than me was interested in a divorced older woman with a daughter. He proposed to me during the holidays.

We are like best friends and my confidence has soared. I’m happy, energetic and when I can get into a smaller pair of jeans, I’m smiling from ear to ear.

Also, military uniforms are not meant to emphasize anything but I’ve even gotten compliments about how I look in uniform.

So in essence this can change your life. Stop being negative and do the work. Results will come!!

Thank you JC”

— Kris, personal coaching client

Ready For Results?

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