How To Train Properly For Fat Loss

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In today’s video and podcast, I give you what I feel are the best methods to use when training for fat loss.

I particularly like metabolic training and even bodybuilding style training over pure strength-focused programs for many reasons.

I’m also big on limiting cardio to get the most out of your training and recovery.


8 thoughts on “How To Train Properly For Fat Loss”

  1. great video. what type of split do you generally do? push/pull/legs, upper/lower, etc? thanks.

  2. JC,

    I could not agree more on the issue of cardio. It’s a very personal thing. I’ve found that limiting cardio is a must for fat loss that does not interfere with life overall.

    For one, adding interval training on the days that I do lower body helps to limit stress and aid recovery.
    Also, on “off” days taking fast one-hour walks keeps stress down and keep my appetite from going haywire.

    What I’ve found is the more I use weight training as the primary stimulus to elicit fat loss, the more manageable the process and the easier the sustenance.


  3. I’m not sure about limiting cardio… I’ve found the best results (or rather, the most success with a cut) comes with a good amount of cardio, especially HIIT. I don’t know if the difference is physical or just mental, but there’s definitely a difference. Cardio is also just plain good for your health!

    • not sure? plenty of people get lean without cardio. I’ve done it. others have as well. I’ve also done it with cardio.

      it’s just a tool, and can easily be abused. Cardio, in the traditional sense of long duration type stuff is not good for your health. It lowers resting heart rate, and can be hard on the heart.

  4. Nice! You set your programs up just like I do, except that I usually set it up with two big strength movements to start (so about 20 minutes of pure strength, and maybe 20-25 minutes for the metabolic resistance training.) Have you found a difference between using one strength move vs two? Thanks, JC!

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