Hey, thanks for wanting to get in touch with me. I try to respond asap, but these days we’re looking at about a 2-3 day time period before I can get back with you, so don’t lose hope if I don’t reply within the hour.

My philosophy is fitness should be simple and effective.

If you can’t take immediate action on your diet or training goals, then you’re either overcomplicating something or you don’t have the knowledge to take the next step.

since you’re here, you have access to the knowledge you need.

And if you can’t find something, I’m easy to reach.

Email Policy:

There are certain emails I will ignore altogether without a reply. If you’re wanting to exchange links, or advertise, your email will likely be ignored.

I’m not accepting any advertisement proposals.

I’m not accepting guest posts. All requests will go straight to trash.

I’m not available to ‘look over your routine’ or to ‘critique‘ your training or nutrition plan. If you need specific help, you can purchase a program or a custom plan (apply for coaching below)


If you’re interested in coaching, please see the coaching page.