Fitness Motivation: How To Never Lose Your Motivation Again

fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation. We are all motivated to train, eat right, and put in the work, but not all the time.

You know the feeling… It’s time to get into shape and this time it’s gonna be different. But before you get started, a quick google search for fitness motivation is in order.

How do we get ourselves motivated? How do we make sure that we keep going when the process gets hard, our muscles are sore, and exercise feels like a chore?

Traditional advice would say “you just need to get motivated,” however that’s supposed to happen. And then some people might suggest that if you cannot get motivated, then you’re just making excuses.

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Why ‘What’s Your Excuse?’ Isn’t That Helpful

I’m sure you’ve read it over and over again. You’ve seen the before/after pictures of people who’ve lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks.

And right above those photos, you’ll see a nice caption of ’So What’s Your Excuse?’ — which is meant to inspire and urge you to action, but it doesn’t typically do this for most people (that I’ve interacted with at least).

Instead of spurring you into action, it just makes you feel bad. Like all of the effort you’ve put in isn’t good enough.

Or you’re just not cut out for improving your body and getting into better shape.

When someone shoves before/after photos in your face and asks you what your excuse is, it’s not really helping you uncover the root of your inaction.

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How To Be More Process-Oriented

pvo_thum700Reaching your fitness goals is about having perspective on where you are and where you wish to go.

In today’s video, I cover the differences in being outcome-oriented and process-oriented.

Believe it or not, there’s a HUGE difference in the two mindsets and how you operate can have a major impact on how well you do with reaching and exceeding your fitness goals in the future.

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Take Imperfect Action

take imperfect actionTaking imperfect action could mean the difference between reaching your fat loss goals and renewing your New Year’s Resolution every year, like clockwork and being disappointed every time.

But when you get hung up on trying to do everything right, it can make it really hard to do something when it’s not absolutely perfect, at least not to you.

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