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Take Imperfect Action

take imperfect actionTaking imperfect action could mean the difference between reaching your fat loss goals and renewing your New Year’s Resolution every year, like clockwork and being disappointed every time.

But when you get hung up on trying to do everything right, it can make it really hard to do something when it’s not absolutely perfect, at least not to you.

In this video, I’ve covered some ideas I put together based on what I’ve been reading and listening to as of late.

I think you’ll dig it.

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4 thoughts on “Take Imperfect Action”

  1. I seriously just fell in love with you right now. Ha Ha!! I have had the exact same revelations this year. I felt silly because I kind of wondered if this idea has been around for so long but I was not willing to accept it as a possibility. I used to train all of my clients from my own perfectionistic standpoint. I would expect them to behave like a perfectionist to achieve their results. In the end both of us were disappointed. This shift in my mindset has been the most freeing, liberating, and enlightening idea I’ve had in my life up to now. Thank you so much for your personal share. It takes a lot to shift a perspective from goal oriented, to process committed. It almost feels like apathy, yet there is so much power. Thank you, you have said a lot of light on a lot of things and I appreciate it.

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