Are Weight Loss Shakes The Key To Lasting Weight Loss?

weight loss shakes

Weight loss shakes have been around for decades and they’re not going anywhere. They’re everywhere… places like your local GNC, supermarket, health food store, etc. They’re in traditional magazine, on TV, and all over social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Weight Loss Shakes And Their Allure

These shakes come with a promise — to make you slimmer without needing to put forth much effort. No thinking, no exercising. Just drink the shake down and you’ll magically lose weight.

Some of the recent marketing messages I’ve seen on bottles are:

  • “The Lean Shake”
  • “Lean Shake Burn”
  • “Super-Lean Meal Replacement”
  • “Slender-Blend”

And without even looking at the ingredients, the shiny label leads us to believe these shakes promote weight loss.

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Why ‘What’s Your Excuse?’ Isn’t That Helpful

what's your excuse?I’m sure you’ve read it over and over again. You’ve seen the before/after pictures of people who’ve lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks.

And right above those photos, you’ll see a nice caption of ’So What’s Your Excuse?’ — which is meant to inspire and urge you to action, but it doesn’t typically do this for most people (that I’ve interacted with at least).

Instead of spurring you into action, it just makes you feel bad. Like all of the effort you’ve put in isn’t good enough.

Or you’re just not cut out for improving your body and getting into better shape.

When someone shoves before/after photos in your face and asks you what your excuse is, it’s not really helping you uncover the root of your inaction.

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