How To Determine Your Maintenance Calories (With A Working Calculator)

maintenance calories

If you’ve never heard the term maintenance calories before, here’s a simple definition: the total amount of calories required on a daily basis to maintain your body weight with no gains or losses in fat and/or muscle tissue.

The human body requires energy every day to maintain bodily functions and body weight. The food you eat every day is used in various ways to repair your muscles, help cells turnover to create new ones, store fat into your fat cells, and glycogen (carbs) into your muscles and provide energy to your body for movement and exercise.

Maintenance Calorie Intake (what does this mean?)

If you’re not gaining or losing weight at your current caloric intake, this is what we refer to as your so-called maintenance caloric intake.

To Maintain simply means to constantly replace the energy you’ve expended with more energy from food. It’s a cyclical process and you’ve been doing it your entire life, likely without ever thinking about the concept of maintenance calories before.

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How To Do Back Extensions (hyperextensions) With Proper Form

The back extension, also known as the hyperextension is a movement that doesn’t get as much love as it probably should. But that’s because it’s not as well known as the squat, deadlift, or even hip thrust.

In this demonstration, I’m going to show you how to do the movement with proper form and how to target your glutes and hamstrings, not your lower back.

However, it’s a great movement for the glutes and hamstrings when done properly. And despite its name, you aren’t necessarily extending at the hips. It could be said it’s more trunk flexion and extension, similar to doing crunches on the floor, or Superman exercises on your belly (which are great for spinal erectors).

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