Block Training for Lagging Body Parts

JC note: this is an article I wrote 2 years ago for a bodybuilding website that never got published. I found it randomly as I was going through old emails and figured I’d share it with you. It’s funny to see how my writing style has changed over the last few years. Also, this is 90% in its original form. I made a few edits to the training and added/removed links where needed.

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What is small, always goes unnoticed, often laughed at and something you are completely embarrassed about?  It’s your lagging body parts.

So you’ve been training a fair amount. You’re pretty strong and can be observed pushing respectable weight in the gymnasium 3-4 times per week. In fact, some are probably even jealous of your abilities, but there’s just this one tiny problem.

You’d like to fix it but haven’t quite discovered a way to go about it yet. You may even be neglecting the reality; subconsciously hoping it will resolve all by itself.

You’ve admitted that (insert body part here) is lagging behind everything else and you may’ve even taken action by training this body part first during your workouts but it seems a lost cause. Maybe you’ve even accepted that Mother Nature simply dealt you a bad hand.

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Train For Performance, Not For Aesthetics: How CT Lost 15lbs in 13 weeks While Adding 70 Pounds To His Squat and Deadlift

Today, I want to briefly touch upon a few points and highlight a client of mine who has done very well with his performance, athletic and aesthetic goals, all in a span of just over 3 months.

I can’t give his full name because he’s currently being scouted to play professional basketball overseas, but for this article, we’ll refer to him as CT.

CT came to me early in 2012 with the goals of dropping some body fat after his basketball season was over for the year. Since he wouldn’t be actively participating in practice and lots of sport-specific activity, it was a good time to drop the calories and focus on fat loss for a period.

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Get Your Butt Out of the Hole – How To Improve Your Squat

Today’s article comes to us courtesy of Jarlo Ilano, PT, MPT, OCS, physical therapist and co-founder of Gold Medal Bodies.

Squats.  I love ‘em.  There are probably some states and municipalities where they’ll let me marry them.  I’m sure my wife would understand, she knows what they mean to me.

Like with any great love, it was transformative.  I was your typical ectomorph asian kid (interesting aside, Teddy Roosevelt called Filipinos “his little brown brothers”. Hard to be offended though, since it was Teddy fricking Roosevelt).  Then came squats, like a revelation from the heavens:

“Thou shalt gain thirty pounds of muscle from putting weights on your back and bending your knees!”

Thunderbolts and lightning, it was a big thing.

Tale as old as time: Do your squats, eat more than you can stand, repeat as needed, and you’ll grow.  I was lucky enough to learn that early and not get too distracted by everything else.

I was also lucky enough to dial in my form from the start.  Attribute it to starting early enough as a kid or genetic heritage, but squatting butt to heels was no big deal.  The ability to get to the full range of motion allowed me to get maximal gains from my lifting.  Because it was so natural, I didn’t think anything of it.

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