How to Automate Fat Loss with 4 Simple Observations I Made While Living In Thailand Part 1


Back in November 2013, I set off for an adventure with 2 good friends, my laptop, and a suitcase. I’d booked a 7 week trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand with the goal of resetting my brain for the new year.

I hadn’t taken more than 3-4 days off in a row since February 2010, so I was feeling the pull to ‘JUST LET GO’ as Tyler Durden would righteously put it.

And that’s what I did, for a little while, at least.

I rented an apartment, established a daily routine, and tried to speak as much Thai possible on a daily basis. I sucked, but I tried.

Here’s a picture of me, Roger, and Mike eating street food, which we paid murderously for a few times (food poisoning). ^_^

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Attention Skinny Guys – Learn How You Can Build More Muscle Than Ever Using This Fool-Proof System

Are you a skinny guy having a hard time getting strong, and building your physique?  

Sick of looking into the mirror with disgust about the lack of results despite all your hard work?

Ever feel like this training stuff is just a big waste of time?

If you’ve struggled to put on size and strength in the past, consider this your lucky day.

Today’s advice may be slightly different than most of what you’ve read about getting big and strong.

Instead of merely stating the obvious actions you must take, I’m going to cover one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself if you want to get big and strong, and stay that way.

Beware though. I’m not going to recommend any killer new muscle gain programs, or something bright and shiny for you to get distracted with.

The last thing you need is to make a switch to yet another program, or second-guess yourself.

What You Need Is A System

Before we dive into this concept, let’s first cover a few reasons skinny guys typically have a hard time achieving their muscle building goals.

Here’s a general list of issues I’ve encountered in my day…

  • chronic under eating
  • poor diet choices
  • lack of proper training
  • bad sleep habits
  • lack of general consistency with all of the above
  • no system in place for success

The typical skinny guy looking to build his physique is unique in a manner of ways.

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RDL’s and Hyperextensions as a Deadlift Alternative


Over the last month or so working with clients, I noticed a few things during assessments and training sessions that I thought was worth passing on to you all.

Now for some of you, this stuff may seem very obvious, but for others, it may be an amazing alternative to the conventional deadlift.

For others, it may be a nice stepping stone to get you pulling from the floor again if you’ve taken time off, experienced an injury, or just have never been comfortable when pulling from the floor.

Personally, I’ve never been too comfortable pulling from the floor, even it may look like it.

I have some ankle mobility issues which often pose a problem during the setup. I actually prefer trap bar deads if I want to pull from the floor. But honestly, I hate conventional deadlifts, in general.

As a result, I’ve been a long time fan of the Romanian Deadlift (RDL) and hyperextensions.

From my experience, a lot of people who come into the gym to train with me are not well suited to pull a straight bar from the floor at first glance.

And as per their goals, they may never need to pull from the floor because, in my opinion, they can get enough strength and aesthetic improvement with less technical movements.

For today, I made a quick video demonstration to show what a RDL and hyperextension should look like. I’ve narrated the video to explain what’s going on, and what you should be doing and feeling.

I’ll also detail everything below…

First of all, the basis of these movements is the hip hinge. My friend Sohee Lee wrote a really good explanation of the hip hinge here. [opens in a new tab… stay with me, please.]

Why I Love Hyperextensions

They’re a great movement for strengthening the glutes and hamstrings, and are a good way to hit your backside, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or advanced trainee.

They’re easy to load, as you can hold a dumbbell, plate, or bands if you want to get creative.

They’re actually pretty safe when comparing to how complex a deadlift, squat, or other compound movement can be.

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Being Mindful With Your Training and Nutrition – Setting A New Standard For Yourself


It’s the middle of February. Where are you in your current health and fitness plan? Are you still on track or have your New Year’s Resolutions gone completely awry?

Are you back into your old habits, or have you successfully created new ones?

This year will mark the 13th or 14th year I’ve been doing some form of strength training. Within the last 3 years I’ve hit a few of my strength-related goals such as a 500lb+ deadlift, being able to bench 225lbs more than 10 times (I believe my best was a set of 15).

A year ago I got heavily into full range of motion Olympic style squats, and quickly got up to doing more than twice my body weight for singles and doubles. This year one of my goals is to hit a 2.5x Olympic squat and if I can manage to stay injury-free, I will surely smash it.

But this past year, my mindset about training and nutrition has taken a major turn for the better, in my opinion. Back on July 1st, I began a journey I had no idea would lead me to the interests I have now regarding a concept called Mindfulness and today I want to discuss how you can apply it to your training and nutrition.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it’s pretty simple. A working definition is this: a state of open attention in which you observe thoughts, feelings, and ideas without judgment, and with the idea of remaining focused on the present moment.

Of course, there are other definitions primarily derived from Buddhism, but that’s way beyond the scope of this piece.

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