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Imagine if you knew EXACTLY how to achieve the “look” you’ve always wanted.

You know those people in the gym with their muscles popping out in the mirror?

Or what about those people you see who make lifting heavy weights look like a walk in the park?

Week after week they grow and make progress — it’s just like clockwork.

You might be thinking that is totally unattainable, that it’s just another silly fantasy.

But I’m here to tell you that you can actually be that person. I’ll show you how.

However, you should know this.

I’m not a figure or bodybuilding prep coach. I won’t show you how to become a record-setting powerlifter (even though I’ve deadlifted over 500 pounds).

But I can make you leaner, more mobile, and stronger than you’ve ever been.

Have you seen those before and after pictures where you just can’t believe the transformation?

You might have been curious as to how that actually happens in real life.

You know… visuals like these?

“This experience has truly changed my life and I am grateful to JC for all his patience and guidance he has shown and given me over the last few months. I hope I can spread the word of his work to others and that his popularity grows rapidly because people do not know what they have been missing.”

– Chris Brown

Well, it’s handful of things. They are:

  • A custom designed weight training program that fits your goals and needs.
  • A nutrition plan that works with you goals of muscle gain, fat loss or a combination of both.
  • Mindset techniques that allow you to make this fitness stuff easier than before. They’ll also enable you to build the necessary habits for success.
  • Tons of support from me. I’ll be here every step of the way. It’s what I do. ;)

And that’s what I offer to all my personal coaching clients.

But what does looking good and getting into great shape really mean?

Does it mean you turn into a self-absorbed, selfie-taking, Instagram narcissist?


Getting in great shape takes discipline, consistency, and a lot of effort.

Building the habits necessary along the way bleeds into other aspects of your life.

And when you improve yourself, you’re better able to improve other things in your life as well.

This Ain’t Rocket Science, Either.

There are a handful of keystone habits that will make or break your ability to reach your physique goals.

The good news is if you can build and maintain these habits (hint: you can), your health, mindset, and other various aspects of your life will improve as well.

I know about these habits because I’ve been at this for a long time…

online coaching
Hi. I’m JC Deen

What’s probably more important is the feeling you’ll have by reaching the goals you set out for yourself.

And when we work together, it won’t be just me helping you eat better and train properly.

You’ll be learning about why this process works and how to make it work for the long-term.

That’s my favorite part of this whole coaching thing.

Who Is This For?

Some people look at their old pictures and say “I could never have the ‘look’ or the vitality I had at [insert a younger age here].”

But that’s oftentimes more of a doubt than an actual reality.

Looking great and feeling great should be mutually exclusive — at any age.

Over my time working with and training people, I’ve learned two things that always ring true:

  • You’re capable of more than you usually think.
  • The best is almost always yet to come.

The good news is the best time to start is now. The bad news is time is always moving forward.

What you do TODAY impacts how you feel and perform TOMORROW.

So if you want a specific outcome for your health and performance, you have to do something NOW, not tomorrow, or when the time is just right.

I am doing things now that I couldn’t have done at 21 and it’s only because of the time I’ve spent training and learning about nutrition. It’s what I did up until this point, and I’m so glad I did.

Are You Capable Of Achieving Your Fat Loss and Physique Goals?

I honestly have no idea. Are you willing to do what it takes?

A word of caution: none of this stuff is easy. Losing fat, building muscle, watching your diet, getting enough rest, paying attention your performance… is hard work.

The most gifted athletes still have to pay attention.

And for ordinary people, it’s even truer.

“But why, JC?”

Because we don’t have it as good as professional athletes with hefty contracts.

We have daily commutes. Obligations. Stressful jobs. Kids to feed. People to look after. Meals to make. Calls to take. It goes on and on.

Daily life can get in the way of so-called ‘me time’ that is necessary to hit the gym, eat better, and track progress long enough to see the changes you want with your body.

Most people just give up altogether. It’s why 90+ percent of those New Year’s Resolutions fail.

Gyms get full and they empty out again come February 1st.

Getting started is easy, but then it becomes overwhelming… Most people start asking the following:

What type of training should I do to lose fat? How much cardio do I need? Will this weight training program work for me? Are carbs bad? Should I take a fat burner? How do i track my food? What if I don’t lose weight?

To the experienced fitness pro, these questions have simple answers. But to the average person trying to get their crap together and make a change?

There’s too much to deal with and doubt will creep in. Then it’ll cripple your efforts.

How To Get Rid Of The Doubt

When I was playing sports as a teen, we were well-taken care of. Our training programs, off-season conditioning, recovery recommendations, nutritional guidelines were completely taken care of.

If we had a question, the coaching staff had an answer. Even our workout gear got washed each week.

It was easy to succeed because the support and guidance were there.

What if you had similar feedback and attention?

How much easier would it be if you knew how to train, when to rest, how to set up your diet, and other recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs?

What if your only job was to be committed to the process?

Would it be easier? There’d be no doubting your plan, or trying to figure something else out, just in case what you were trying didn’t work.

That’s exactly what I do for those I work with.

But my process is not for every single person.

These are the types of people I don’t work with:

  • Sport-specific athletes: If you need special programming for performance improvement in your sport, I’m not your guy.
  • Those in need of rehabilitation: I get it – I’ve been injured in the past. Check out my shoulder articles. If you have injuries that need addressing, it’s best to get those fixed first.
  • Complete beginners: If you’re new to weight training and don’t know the major lifts (squat, bench, rows, pull-ups, deadlifts, etc), then you’re better off learning those movements with a trainer or on your own first, then think about online coaching.
  • Olympic weightlifters: You need very specific programming, and possibly hands-on coaching.
  • People who aren’t willing to work hard and invest effort into what they want: The process is simple, but it’s not always easy for everyone. You’ll have to put forth the effort. I’ll meet you halfway.

Here’s who I do the best working with:

  • Men with aesthetic-focused goals: If you want to get the coveted ‘6-pack’and build your best body yet, or just fill out your shirts so you look like you lift, then I’m your guy. I love training for aesthetics, be they fat loss and/or muscle gain.
  • Women with aesthetic-focused goals: I’ve worked with many women, and I tend to program slightly differently with a focus on the shoulders, arms, booty, and legs in mind. I really enjoy working with women, but I don’t do figure or contest prep because I like you to be well-fed and not in a starving state. So I always say no to contest-prep requests.

Here’s what some clients have said in the past:

I started weight lifting two years ago and a few months in, I knew “I needed some guidance. I reached out to JC Deen and I’m so glad I did! Not only did he provide me with quality programming and nutritional advice, I truly felt like he cared about my progress.

He responded to all of my questions and videos promptly and gave me the support I needed during my first bulk.

I would have bailed on my program a few weeks in without him!”

“Throughout this process I’ve hit several PR’s, 225-pound trap bar deadlift, 250-pound barbell hip thrust, and body weight chin-ups and pull-ups. But the best part has been cultivating confidence in my physique and performance, not to mention getting to know JC, who is a pretty awesome guy.”

— Kate Gates

“Working with JC has not only been great for both my training and nutrition. I no longer obsess about shit that doesn’t matter wether it’s a diet trend or some new workout. Now i feel much more sane and I’m able to focus more on things i love doing like maxing out on my deadlift and celebrating with a box of cheerios.

Thank you JC”

— Philipe Rodrigues

“Before working with JC, I got all my information through articles, Internet forums, and magazines.

While this helped somewhat, it often gave me conflicting ideas that left me confused and frustrated. JC not only taught me great programs that helped me make more progress than I ever had before, but he also presented them in a way that did not require extreme lifestyle changes or obsessive behavior.

The lessons I learned through JC will be ones I will use for the rest of my lifting days, and am extremely grateful to him for showing me the way.”

— CT

“It was this time (August 2012), two years ago when I took a chance. I sent an email to JC, not even expecting a reply but hoping I would get one. What happened shocked me. I remember it like it was yesterday, JC gave his number and told me to call him…we talked for over an hour.

We talked about depression; anxiety, hormones, life, relationships and of course diet and training. He set me up with a training plan, and laid me out a step by step diet plan full of essential nutrients to help me recover, and feel better from all the under-eating and overtraining I’d put myself through.

I came to JC at 140 pounds, sick, depressed and lost, and he took me under his wing—like a true big brother and guided me every step of the way. He opened my eyes to a whole new life and way of living.

I take this picture today, two years later (August 2014), 25 pounds heavier and leaner than I was before. My diet is 50% carbs, mostly reaching upward of 300 grams per day as opposed to under 50 grams per day like I was doing in 2012.

I just wanted you to see this picture and know that JC’s work and love and devotion brought me out of hell and changed my life.”

— Jimmy Meade

“About two years ago I stumbled upon JC’s article on ‘Former Fat Boy Syndrome’ and was hooked on the raw, no-BS information I was reading. JC’s articles on caloric deficit/surplus introduced me to some of the most vital, yet basic weight-lifting information that I was never made aware of through prior training and reading.

The best part about JC’s information is that there is no product being pitched, and there is never a strict regiment required in order to obtain certain results. From reading all of this free information, I was able to construct my own diet solely based on hitting a caloric deficit to lose weight. When I first started reading and participating in JC’s articles I weighed 215 pounds at age 18, standing 5’10″ tall.

A little while later I had reached 195 pounds solely on a caloric deficit diet. Add high-intesity training to the mix and I stood 170 pounds, and the leanest I had ever been. Now transitioning into becoming stronger I began JC’s beginners strength program and in two months I have doubled the weight on every lift, and sit again at 195 pounds, but with a completely different physical appearance and aesthetic. I am so grateful for the energy and time that JC has put into his website and articles, this was too easy!”

— Aaron Powers

“Being pretty thin my entire life, I never felt the need to pick up a weight. Of course my mid-twenties happened and it seemed as if out of no where my clothes started to become too tight! I had no clue about fitness, weight loss, fat loss, none of that.

I did my best to research and ended up on the low cal, low carb, clean eating cardio train. I hit a wall and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

Tired of the BS I just happened to google “Clean Eating is a Scam”. JC’s article on the subject was the first that was listed in the search. That article seriously changed everything I thought I knew or understood about fat loss and sanity through dieting.

Under his guidance I was able to lean out with fundamentals that I didn’t think would work for me and my body type. No cardio and proper nutrition with my sanity in check! Couldn’t have had a better experience!”

— Nicole C.

Where Do You Want To Take Your Body?

Not everyone needs a coach. You’ve probably seen lots of people in the gym who’ve never had any proper guidance or coaching in their life. And while that’s a reality, it’s only real for the small minority.

You rarely see the person in the gym that’s been going for years with no progress to show for their efforts because most of them give up eventually.

If you don’t have the best genetics, or the know-how, or the time to study exercise science in your spare moments, just trying to figure this out on your own can take FOREVER.

Many people make the mistake of saying “I’ll figure this out on my own” but look back over a year and realize they haven’t learned much or made any real progress.

Others keep doing the same thing year after year — trying different diets, and attempting various programs with little success — only to look back over a long period to be disappointed with their efforts.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but sometimes we just need a little bit of help. I hate looking back in regret wishing I’d had gotten some help from someone I trust.

And believe me, I’ve made this mistake more times than I care to admit.

Do better. Do something different. Don’t look back in regret a year from now.

Here’s How To Get Started

Fill out the application below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss coaching options.

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JC Deen is a nationally published fitness coach and writer from Nashville, TN. Currently living in the blistering Northeast. Follow me on X/Twitter