How To Gain Weight — Practical Applications for Eating to Build Muscle, and Why You Might Not Want to Gain Weight Fast

How to gain weight —it sounds like an absurd thing to ask for some, but for others, it’s a real issue. The term ‘how to gain weight’ yields over 46 million results in Google, and ‘how to gain weight fast’ gives us close to 20 million results.

While many people are wondering how to lose weight (full article on this topic: how to lose fat), and keep it off, many others are wondering the opposite: how they can gain weight, and some want to gain weight fast.

To most, it seems fairly simple. Eat more food, and gain weight, right? Sure, that’s the simple answer, but simple’s not always so easy.

What is weight gain?

It’s when the scale weight goes up, also known as adding lean or fatty tissue to the body via excess energy consumption. In other words, a surplus of calories (energy) is what creates the weight gain.

Want to gain weight? Eat more than you burn.

Want to lose it? Eat less than you burn. This is an elementary explanation to an otherwise complex physiological process.
The weight you gain can/will be in the form of fat, muscle, water, food in your belly, etc.

There is a stark difference between true weight gain and perceived weight gain.

True weight gain is adding lean muscle mass, or storing fat in your cells.

Perceived weight gain can come from water retention caused by excess fluid intake, or eating foods that cause water retention (starchy/salty selections).

When you hear of people gaining lots of weight overnight (typically in excess of 10 pounds), a majority of that weight is in the form of water, and glycogen (stored carbohydrates in the muscles and liver).

Very rarely is someone going to store that much fat, or build that much muscle in such a short period of time.

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Attention Skinny Guys – Learn How You Can Build More Muscle Than Ever Using This Fool-Proof System

Are you a skinny guy having a hard time getting strong, and building your physique?  

Sick of looking into the mirror with disgust about the lack of results despite all your hard work?

Ever feel like this training stuff is just a big waste of time?

If you’ve struggled to put on size and strength in the past, consider this your lucky day.

Today’s advice may be slightly different than most of what you’ve read about getting big and strong.

Instead of merely stating the obvious actions you must take, I’m going to cover one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself if you want to get big and strong, and stay that way.

Beware though. I’m not going to recommend any killer new muscle gain programs, or something bright and shiny for you to get distracted with.

The last thing you need is to make a switch to yet another program, or second-guess yourself.

What You Need Is A System

Before we dive into this concept, let’s first cover a few reasons skinny guys typically have a hard time achieving their muscle building goals.

Here’s a general list of issues I’ve encountered in my day…

  • chronic under eating
  • poor diet choices
  • lack of proper training
  • bad sleep habits
  • lack of general consistency with all of the above
  • no system in place for success

The typical skinny guy looking to build his physique is unique in a manner of ways.

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Block Training for Lagging Body Parts

JC note: this is an article I wrote 2 years ago for a bodybuilding website that never got published. I found it randomly as I was going through old emails and figured I’d share it with you. It’s funny to see how my writing style has changed over the last few years. Also, this is 90% in its original form. I made a few edits to the training and added/removed links where needed.

— — — —

What is small, always goes unnoticed, often laughed at and something you are completely embarrassed about?  It’s your lagging body parts.

So you’ve been training a fair amount. You’re pretty strong and can be observed pushing respectable weight in the gymnasium 3-4 times per week. In fact, some are probably even jealous of your abilities, but there’s just this one tiny problem.

You’d like to fix it but haven’t quite discovered a way to go about it yet. You may even be neglecting the reality; subconsciously hoping it will resolve all by itself.

You’ve admitted that (insert body part here) is lagging behind everything else and you may’ve even taken action by training this body part first during your workouts but it seems a lost cause. Maybe you’ve even accepted that Mother Nature simply dealt you a bad hand.

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