The Accidental Recomp – Mike Fields’ Progress Report

In the past, I’ve written about ways to recompose our bodies through alternating high and low calorie days.  For more reading, check out Part 1, Part 2 or a more recent piece titled Body Recomposition without Counting Calories?

However, it’s something I rarely advise for my personal clients as it’s a slow, arduous process and likely better to focus on one goal at a time.  Also, most of us find it troublesome as we deal with analysis paralysis and it’s usually better to limit our choices so as not to screw it all up.

Today is a rather interesting scenario of a client who I initially set up on an intermittent fasting plan to drop some body fat, but ended up recomp-ing in the process, and I’m fairly happy with his results thus far.

When Mike came to me, he was fairly lean already as you can see in his before picture on the left.   Truth be told, he tore his ACL late last year and had surgery to repair it in early January 2011.  Prior to the injury, he’d been training fairly regularly and been as heavy as 190lbs, body fat unknown.

After the surgery, he of course lost a good bit of weight and had emailed me mid February asking about how to go about getting back in shape – his main concern was learning about setting up his diet and practicing Intermittent Fasting on his way to his previous state, but in a leaner, stronger fashion.

After I learned it’d only been about 6 weeks since his surgery, I suggested he skip the sub-maintenance eating for now and allow the extra calories to fuel his recovery.  No sense in inhibiting the healing process eating below maintenance.

Fast forward to June – we begin emailing again.  He’d been cleared to lift again and had been in the gym for a while rebuilding his strength.

His starting weight was about 177-178lbs when he got to me. Pre-injury, his strength levels were pretty impressive for his size and age (he’s 20 now) with a previous bench of 335lbs and squat of 365lbs.

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From Fluffy to Ripped, Sans the Obsession: Chris Brown’s Transformation

Back in February, I recall getting an email from a guy by the name of Chris Brown who was interested in some fitness consulting.  He found my work through my friend Google, and claimed to have devoured many of my articles since his discovery.

“Ever since I read your No-BS Approach to Looking Great Naked, I’ve been hooked”

is what he said in the opening email.

He went on to explain his experience in athletics growing up, which ultimately led to playing some professional baseball for a short time, before going back to graduate school to further his studies at Salve Regina University.

I knew from the beginning that I’d be able to work with Chris due to his experience in athletics, but his passionate desire to learn and grow he expressed in our email exchange.  I’ll never forget the last line of his first email that read “my work ethic is ridiculous and I love the gym, so I’m ready for the challenge.”

At first, I thought “okay, we’ll see how determined he is” and we continued our conversation which resulted in him starting the official JCDFItness training and diet protocol on Monday, March 7.

I was extremely pleased with his familiarity of the major compound lifts and willingness to let go of the reigns.

While I won’t go into his exact training protocol, I want to highlight a bit of what we did to get the results presented below.  To start off, Chris had been doing the popular Stronglifts 5×5 program.  I was already a fan of this guy – no bro-training to speak of.

Chris’ starting weight was 205lbs and ending weight was 186lbs.  He is right at 6 foot tall.  The time frame in between photos is about 16 weeks.  So on average, he dropped just over 1lb per week.  I think you’ll agree the difference in appearance is fairly drastic.  He transformed from a soft look into a very lean, athletic appearance. 

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Get Jacked – The Muscle Building Guide for Skinny Guys Part II

Last week I discussed the way you need to eat in order to turn yourself into the un-skinny guy.  Now knowing how to eat is all fine and dandy but without some sort of training involved, the extra kcals are not going to be partitioned in your favor; that is unless you want to look like the Michelin Man.

Train Unlike You Were Likely Advised

Yes, I said it.  Don’t do what everyone is telling you to do because it’s likely not suitable for the skinny guy.  Chances are if you are skinny, you are weak.  If you are weak, you are still classified as a newbie.  If you are a newbie you have no business doing Ronnie Coleman’s routine that he used during his contest prep for Mr. Olympia.  He has many years on you, not to mention the plethora of extra help he is receiving.  This is his full time job.

Now there is nothing wrong with being a beginner.  You must accept where you are and start building your foundation from the ground up.  Read my story.

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