6 Meals A Day: Stoke The Metabolic Fire

If your goals are to be healthy, lose weight, or to build muscle, consuming 6 meals per day is the most optimal dietary approach.  Period.

Many fitness gurus, fitness experts, registered dietitians and even some medical doctors suggest the 6-meal-per-day diet.  If all these folks recommend such an approach, it must be the best and only way, right?  Many claim this boosts one’s metabolism and increases the burning of body fat.

In the fitness world, it’s fairly common for people to hold onto a belief or dogma without much thought as to why.  These beliefs are often slightly incorrect or just plain false.

Today I’d like to present you with some information, encourage you to look at it for yourself and then make your own decisions.  Make your own choices after you’ve looked at some research.

All this takes is the willingness to open your mind, think freely and consider other ideas and possibilities.  This is what I did over 2 years ago as I discuss in my article about meal frequency.

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GOMAD – Gallon of Milk A Day: Is It For Everyone?

Due to the recent (okay, not so recent) phenomenon that is the internet, it seems we’ve a plethora of good, bad and downright terrible information at our disposal.  With relative ease, I can search for just about anything I’m looking for in google, and in most cases, I’ll get the answers I need.  Hell, we can normally find most of the secrets we’re after as well.

Today, I want to take a quick look at one of the top muscle-building, weight-gaining secrets from the Black-Ops strength and bodybuilding underground, and shed some light on some of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Yes, GOMAD does indeed stand for the notorious diet that consists of a gallon of milk a day.  No shit – that’s a ton of milk.

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What’s My Maximum Muscular Potential?

This question has been asked multiple times over on many bodybuilding forums and message boards since the inception of the internet.  While this question’s answer depends solely on an individual’s genetic ceiling, there’s one very comprehensive resource I’d recommend to anyone in search of reaching their genetic potential for maximum muscular growth.

The resource I am referring to today is an ebook called Your Muscular Potential by Casey Butt Ph.D.  He runs the website Weightrainer.net and has devoted insurmountable hours to the study of maximum muscular gains in the drug-free physique athlete.

Casey holds a degree in mathematics, a degree in physics and has his PhD in artificial intelligence for controls engineering.  He’s spent the last 18 years in a mad obsession with weight training and altering his body composition through bodybuilding.  He also admitted that he wasted his first 10 years of weight training by following the shoddy information found in muscle magazines.

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