My Life in Training – A Reader’s Story

As many of you may or may not know, Facebook (add me!) is taking over the world.  While it’s easy to get lost in the sea of apps, games and other ridiculous stuff on the site, I’m incredibly happy that I’ve decided to be more active on there as of late.

It’s mainly because I’ve gotten the chance to develop some pretty cool relationships with my readers and other fitness enthusiasts – more so than I have been through just my writing and email.

I’ve been incredibly busy the last few weeks with work, finishing up my academic semester at MTSU (I’m actually typing this from the library right now), planning for the summer travels and other fun stuff I have planned for the site.

So today’s guest article is by a young guy I’ve been getting to know as a result of being more active on Facebook and I couldn’t be happier to publish this post on his behalf.  I see a lot of myself in Jordan – mainly his drive and open-mindedness at such a young age, as well as his minor obsession with psychology and personal development.

So, without further rambling, here are some words of wisdom from the up and coming Jordan Syatt who now writes a ton of awesome articles at

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Azz Builders, Rump Shakers and Money Makers

awesome image credit: April Greer

While ancient techniques in physique development are constantly on the rise, I felt it was time to bring out some more of the recent discoveries I’ve found to work wonders at making the backside much thicker and stronger.

In the past, I’ve discussed some issues many fitness enthusiasts often experience when it comes to their training protocols. Mainly, it’s the problem of overworking the muscles we see in the mirror and neglecting the ones we rarely see.

It all boils down to vanity, but when it comes to long-term progression, physical health, and injury prevention, it’s pertinent that we work those muscles we don’t see in the mirror.

That’s right. Today we’ll be discussing some movements to help you build the wondrous buttocks, and hamstrings. Last week, I received a text from one of my girlfriends that read

“hey! I need a butt-building workout!”

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Fitness Claims and Marketing – How Our Emotions Control Us

As I progress in my studies (both academic and personal reading), I am becoming more intrigued with the how’s and why’s regarding our decision-making processes.  The more I learn about emotions and the psyche, the better I understand just how powerful the manipulation of one’s mind can be.

In the fitness industry, as well as others, there’s some mad cash to be made.  Take a look at any fitness magazine and the contents are flooded with advertisements.  Most, but not all fitness websites have some form of advertising in place or a product to generate revenue.

Go to any commercial gym and I can guarantee you there are people whose job is solely to generate revenue by initiating and closing sales of personal training packages and gym contracts/memberships.

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Clean Eating is a Scam and Why You Should Abandon It

Please watch this video as it’s the follow-up to all three of my clean-eating articles:

Clean Eating

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Clean eating – it’s a term we’ve all used and have surely heard a million times.  We’ve stumbled upon it in the magazines, seen it in our favorite diet books and have probably even heard it on TV.  Heck there’s even a magazine titled Clean Eating.

Now I have no problem with the magazine – the recipes are great(love them, by the way) and the pictures are something I enjoy looking at.  I do, however, have a problem with the negative connotation it presents to the minds of many health and fitness enthusiasts and even some professionals unwilling to consider other ideas.

The first thing I want to ask is this: what exactly does clean eating mean?

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