Clean Eating is a Scam and Why You Should Abandon It

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Clean Eating

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Clean eating – it’s a term we’ve all used and have surely heard a million times.  We’ve stumbled upon it in the magazines, seen it in our favorite diet books and have probably even heard it on TV.  Heck there’s even a magazine titled Clean Eating.

Now I have no problem with the magazine – the recipes are great(love them, by the way) and the pictures are something I enjoy looking at.  I do, however, have a problem with the negative connotation it presents to the minds of many health and fitness enthusiasts and even some professionals unwilling to consider other ideas.

The first thing I want to ask is this: what exactly does clean eating mean?

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Hypertrophy Training: Rules to Live by When Muscle Hypertrophy is Your Goal

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Hypertrophy training – in an untamed pursuit to build a better body, we’re rarely concerned about the long-term or how we plan to get from point A to point B; we simply want to experience a transformation.  We want maximal muscle growth in minimal time and we’ll do anything to appear how we believe we’re supposed to when gazing upon the reflection staring back at us.

The pursuit may seem vain to many, but to those who can relate – it goes much deeper.  The maximal muscle hypertrophy we desire is often a result of our competitive drive to reach new heights or the unconscious self-doubt (gasp) we impose upon ourselves.

Sure, for some it’s pure vanity and that’s fine too; there’s nothing wrong with a little textbook narcissism now and again.  However, to understand something fully, we sometimes must start at the end result and work backward.  Therefore, to better understand hypertrophy training, in this case, from an anecdotal standpoint, we’re going to look at a few trainees who’ve made major strides despite slightly different training philosophies and approaches.

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6 Meals A Day: Stoke The Metabolic Fire

If your goals are to be healthy, lose weight, or to build muscle, consuming 6 meals per day is the most optimal dietary approach.  Period.

Many fitness gurus, fitness experts, registered dietitians and even some medical doctors suggest the 6-meal-per-day diet.  If all these folks recommend such an approach, it must be the best and only way, right?  Many claim this boosts one’s metabolism and increases the burning of body fat.

In the fitness world, it’s fairly common for people to hold onto a belief or dogma without much thought as to why.  These beliefs are often slightly incorrect or just plain false.

Today I’d like to present you with some information, encourage you to look at it for yourself and then make your own decisions.  Make your own choices after you’ve looked at some research.

All this takes is the willingness to open your mind, think freely and consider other ideas and possibilities.  This is what I did over 2 years ago as I discuss in my article about meal frequency.

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